Rural Development Institute

270 - 18th St., Brandon, MB

Brandon University's Rural Development Institute, as a centre of excellence in rural development, helps foster rural community development and community resiliency through research and information on issues unique to rural areas. Established in 1989, ...

University of Manitoba

181 Freedman Cres. Room 631 Drake Center, Winnipeg, MB

Several categories of expertise at the University of Manitoba can be highlighted as having particular strengths in terms of a substantial cluster of scientists, including many with unique and/or world-class capabilities. These categories ...

University of Manitoba-IIMS

Room 420 Machray Hall, Winnipeg, MB

This Institute promotes increased interaction and collaboration among mathematical scientists in the academic community, industry and government by acting as a formal liaison. Practical problems are brought to the attention of researchers, and ...

University of Manitoba-Transport Institute

Room 631 Drake Centre, UOM 181 Freedman Cres., Winnipeg, MB

Established in 1984, the Transport Institute's mandate is to stimulate and coordinate transport research at the university and to unite traditional academic research with the needs of the transport industry through the encouragement and support ...

U of M-Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics

Room 301 Allen Bldg., UOM 66 Chancellors Cir., Winnipeg, MB

The long-term goal of this Institute is to improve the research environment for all theoretical physicists in Manitoba through organized workshops and symposia, supporting research collaborations, and presenting a seminar series featuring eminent ...

University Of Manitoba Downtown

11 The Promenade, Winnipeg, MB

Educational and training services provided to individuals or companies.

University of Manitoba-Department of Statistics

Room 338 Machray Hall 66 Chancellor Matheson Dr., Winnipeg, MB

Services include: -education for undergraduate and graduate studies -consulting on projects related to statistics and quality.

Department of Food Science, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences

13 Freedman Cr. Rm. 250 Ellis Bldg., Winnipeg, MB

Department conducts physical,chemical and microbiological analysis of foods and food ingredients using both approved and experimental techniques.

University of Manitoba-Faculty of Engineering

E2-290 Engineering bldg 15 Gillson St, Winnipeg, MB

Engineering research-civil, electrical, mechanical, industrial, biosystems, computer.