R.U. Ready Electronics Ltd.

3404 Buckley Lane, Inverary, ON

Manufacturer of electronics timing devices known as the Speed-timer 3000 and Sport Timer 3000 and Display for use in the timing of sporting events eg. basketball, track and field, hockey, or any sport that requires timing. The machines are also ...

Trade Development Strategies Inc. (TDS Inc.)

3010 Lakefield Dr., Inverary, ON

Trade Development Strategies Inc. is a distributor and export of new and remanufacutured computer parts and equipment. The line of equipment includes Mainframes, Retail and Financial Equipment as well as Printers.

Mobile Kitchens Canada Inc.

3764 Maplecrest Crt., Inverary, ON

Mobile Kitchens Canada provides Temporary mobile kitchen solutions. Rent-Lease-Purchase mobile kitchens.