Lexsuco Corporation

85 Vulcan St., Etobicoke, ON

Lexcor was incorporated in 1960 to develop and market new commercial roofing accessory products. In 1965, Lexcor diversified into the production of roof access hatches and vents and later into acrylic skylights. Lexcor maintains offices in ...

Solideal Canada Inc

297 Carlingview Dr., Etobicoke, ON

Globally competitive manufacturer and distributor of tires for the material handling industry. Manufacturer of solid rubber tires. Provides inhouse installation of industrial tires through a Service Network. North and South American. Branches in ...

ShawCor Ltd.

25 Bethridge Rd, Etobicoke, ON

Shaw Industries provides products and services to the exploration and production, pipeline and downstream sectors of the energy industry including drill pipe and drill string components used in the drilling of oil and gas wells; inspection, ...

Covermaster Inc.

11D-100 Westmore Dr., Etobicoke, ON

Established in 1969, Covermaster Inc. is a leading manufacturer of protective covers for sport surfaces including football fields, baseball infields, golf courses and gymnasiums. Covermaster products protect outdoor sport surfaces from damage ...

Cyro Canada Inc.

101-180 Attwell Dr., Etobicoke, ON

CYRO, using it's strengths in research, product application technology, production, distribution and customer service, is committed to being the quality and service leader for acrylic and other plastics. The Niagara Falls, Ontario manufacturing ...

Quality Thermoform & Packaging Co. Ltd.

474 Attwell Dr., Etobicoke, ON

Quality Thermoform & Packaging Co. Ltd. is presently the most technically advanced thermoforming company in Canada that produces thermoforming products with high quality. Thermoforming has replaced cartons and the trend is that suppliers and ...

Multan Plastics Inc.

1880 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke, ON

Multan Plastics Inc. is involved in the manufacture of quality automotive accessories by the process of injection moulding since 1981. The company custom designs all its products and creates its own moulds from which products are made. The brand ...

Associated Brands LP

335 Judson St., Etobicoke, ON

Winpak Portion Packaging Ltd.

26 Tidemore Ave., Etobicoke, ON

Bursan Designs & Development Ltd.

375 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke, ON