Lessard Welding

4590 Regional Rd. 15, Chelmsford, ON

Lessard Welding specializes in steel fabrication for the mining and forestry industries. We fabricate portable steel bridges, various mining equipment and supplies (such as raise climber accessories, grizzlies, galloways, tanks, etc.), ...

R.M. Blanger Limited

100 Radisson Ave., Chelmsford, ON

Landcore Drilling

3941 Regional Road 15, Chelmsford, ON

Landcore offers a complete line of environmental and geotechnical Drilling services in Northern Ontario We offer over 25 years of conbined drilling experience resulting in a very knowledgeable and devoted staff

Hollandia Land and Environmental Solutions

3725 Regional Rd. 15, Chelmsford, ON

Mum's Kitchen / Create-A-Cake

71 David, Chelmsford, ON

Food service provider cafeterias,can also provide individual frozen meals and also can provide baked goods