Technophar Equipment and Service Limited

452 Silver Creek Industrial Dr., Windsor, ON

Technophar is a manufacturer of high precision hard and soft capsule production machines and support equipment, serving the pharmaceutical and health nutritional industry. Home of Gelcell Capsules Limited and full service manufacturer of hard ...

Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.

9355 Anchor Dr., Windsor, ON

Valiant is a fully integrated manufacture supplying turnkey automotive systems and tooling to OEMs. The company is globally aligned to provide full services including: Advanced engineering; Feasibility studies; Robotic and production ...

Litho Service Canada Inc.

135 Oliva-Turgeon St, Sherbrooke, QC

Litho Service specializes in remanufacturing, installation, design, fabrication and project management for the graphic arts industry. We hire a crew of 5 engineers and 27 technicians who have years of experience remanufacturing and ...

G.N. Plastics Company Limited

345 Commons Rd.(Old Trunk 3), Chester, NS

G.N. PLASTICS' impact on today's packaging industry is significant. The Pressureforming machines manufactured by the company incorporate many innovative features which form an improvement over other thermoforming machinery. This-along with their ...

Unika Inc.

65A Memorial Dr., North Sydney, NS

Our business is manufacturing and distributing top quality vacuum packers, cheese slicers, seal machines and meat grinders. It is upon years of experience and contacts gained that Unika has built its reputation for top quality machinery. Today our ...

Redoe Mold Company Limited

665 Morton Dr., Windsor, ON

Member of the Canadian Mold Makers Association (CAMM) Redoe Mold is a Canadian owned company who, since 1969, have specialized in 3062 Manufacturing - The Metal Dies, Moulds and Patterns Industry. They produce die/mould for plastic injection ...

Basic Tool Inc.

2045 Halford Dr., Windsor, ON

Design and manufacture plastic injectiopn moulds including tool design, manufacture, tryout, texture and shipping. Specializing in medium and large moulds for automotive, appliance, container and toy industries. Fully CNC from receipt of data ...

Enterprise Mold Ltd.

3270 Devon Dr., Windsor, ON

Established since 1986, Enterprise Mold occupies 10,000 sq. ft. We produce moulds for the toy, auto, sporting goods, after auto market, and agricultural industries. Our quality product meets the highest standards of such companies as, American ...

Fishmore Inc.

2420 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, ON

Fishmore Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of SIMOR Fish Processing equipment. Our line of automatic Fish Scalers includes several models, to scale fish dependant upon size and type - from small freshwater fish to flat and round ocean fish, as ...

Pescatrawl & Supplies

473 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, NS

We make commercial fishing gear custom-designed to fit the needs of each client. We provide a complete range of products for the fishing industry.