Tech MG Management Inc.

P.O. Box 179, Oak Bluff, MB

The basis of Ag Waste Management Corp.Concept is to create a recognizable value for the nutrients in animal wastes through precise and monitored application on cropland. This will serve both the hog and the crop farmers. To attain this goal, we ...

Sawyer Wood Products Inc.

Perimeter Highway 1 McGillvray, Oak Bluff, MB

Secondary manufacturing facility of wood products, custom planing, P.E.T., grading facility for spruce, pine and cedar Trading office of softwood lumber for Canadian and Midwestern sales.

Alternative Heating Systems Inc.

205 Oakland Rd., Oak Bluff, MB

Manufacture radiant heat products to be used as primary or supplementary heat for residential uses. Manufacture radiant heat products for hog barns - primarily for weanlings. Distribute Canada wide energy control systems.

Lloyd Farms & Village Candle Company

125 Oakland Rd, Oak Bluff, MB

Manufacturers of 100% Beeswax Craft Sheet, and beeswax candles. Manufacturers of fragranced paraffin tealights, votives and poured containers. Distributors of: candle wick assemblies

Sticklers 4 Details

200 Parkside Dr, Oak Bluff, MB

clean and detail automobiles and deodorize buildings and vehicles