Ancast Industries Ltd.

1350 Saskatchewan Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Ancast Industries Ltd. has been a producer of quality ferrous castings with special emphasis on ductile iron, since our forma- tion in 1974 and our history in the foundry industry can be traced back to the early 1900's. Our philosophy of ...

Custom Castings Ltd.

2015 Dugald Rd., Winnipeg, MB

Manufacturer of Permanent Mold Castings in Aluminum & Zinc. Added value services include (heat-treating / cnc machining / powder coating / assembly). Capabilities include castings up to 150 lbs in weight and 4' x 4' dimensionally. ISO 9001:2000 ...

Indutec Alchemist (1987) Inc.

80 Burnett Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Integra Castings Inc.

200 Pacific St, Winkler, MB

Ductile & Gray iron castings; casting ability up to 4000lbs. No-bake moulding process. ISO-9001:2000 Registered. Machining cababilities available.

Matrix Industries Inc.

1585 Dugald Rd., Winnipeg, MB

Specialty Foundry - classification Metals Poured; steel, stainless steel, grey iron, ductile iron, zinc, aluminum, Molding Methods; sand, ceramic, investment Heat Treating; anneal, stress relieve, quench and tempering