Aerochem Corporation

2665 Wensel St., East St Paul, MB

Formulation, application and process of different chemical supplies in the aerospace industry, heavy industrial commercial chemical specialities (including industrial heavy degreaser cleaners, solvents, acids excluding aerosols). Also produce ...

RW Packaging Ltd.

200 Omand's Creek Blvd., Winnipeg, MB

R.W. Packaging - Canadian Packaging Company with a record of success for 75 years. - Winnipeg-based with production facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and St. Albert, Alberta. - An established supplier with sales in both Canadian and U.S. ...

New World Technologies Inc.

7-2065 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Northern Image (R) - Remanufacturing/recycling of printer ribbons, toner cartridges and ink jets. Laser printer repair specialists. World class manufacturing facility produces high quality recycled products for over 10,000 makes an models of ...

Prairie West Industrial 2000

35 Boys Rd., St Clements, MB

Superior Finishes Inc.

303 Stanley, Winnipeg, MB

Industrial coatings manufacturer of 'O' V.O.C. solvent free coatings. Water base coatings. Sequoia (R): Epoxies; Urethanes; ISO Free; 'O' V.O.C.; Lacquers.

Survival Appliance Products

363 Avalon rd, Winnipeg, MB

G.on.e. Chemical Canada Ltd.

1203 Warsaw Cres., Winnipeg, MB

Supply a cleaner and degreaser to the end user for all cleaning purposes. We supply the product in 20 litre pails and 205 litre drums.