Tallman Bronze Company Ltd.

2220 Industrial St., Burlington, ON

Tall Bronze is a medium sized company involved in the design, casting, machining, and fabricating of OEM and after market products. A technical stall with proven metallurgical expertise designs products for applications in the power generation, ...

Toral Cast Light Metal Technologies

40 Citron Crt, Concord, ON

Custom die casting, product design, machining, X-ray inspection, CAD/CAM. Machines: 10 (400 to 1100 metric tons) Metals Cast: Al Markets: Automotive

Tri Cast Bronze

5868 Ramsey Rd, Niagara Falls, ON

Bronze alloys, centrifugal castings, continuous cast bars, specializing in large sizes to 15 inches.

Trimag S. E. C.

634 Magnesium Rd., Haley Station, ON

Custom die casting, machining. Machines: 3-800 tons US, 1-1200 tons US, 1-1600 tons US, 1-1800 tons US Metals Cast: Al, Mg Size Range: 1 to 20 kg or 30 to 100 cm Markets: Automotive