L.S. Metal Foundry Inc.

1261 Shawson Dr., Mississauga, ON

- The Foundry has been housed in this modern 18,000 sq.ft. building with 2,000 sq.ft. office space since 1981. - Capability to produce casting from 2 oz. to 500 lbs. (50 qm. to 250 kg.)in lots of up to 5,000 pr shift. - Full heat treatment, ...

La Fonderie d'Art d'Inverness Inc.

1734 ch. Dublin, Inverness, QC

La fonderie d'Art d'Inverness inc. est une entreprise qubcoise dynamique. Nos artisans fondeurs sont spcialistes dans le moulage, la reproduction et le coulage d'oeuvres d'art en BRONZE & en ALUMINIUM. Nos clients, principalement les ...

Lamco International Die Cast Inc.

100 Wellington St. N., Thorold, ON

Lamco Die Casting Inc., is a custom aluminum die casting facility producing many finished and raw casting for automotive, auto aftermarket, appliances, electrical, electronics, office products and recreational and sports equipment.


1062 Rangeview Rd., Mississauga, ON

Lyster Industries Inc.

2555 Bcancour St., Lyster, QC

LYSTER INDUSTRIES INC. specializes in aluminum die casting, machining and finishing of customized products. Lyster Industries provides its customers with the following services: - Design and engineering assistance - Tooling design and ...