Canadian Bioenergy Corporation

560-171 Esplanade W., North Vancouver, BC

Canadian Bioenergy Corporation is western Canada's first and largest distributor of biodiesel, with unequalled regional experience in biodiesel fleets. The company is active in: Planning regional biodiesel manufacturing facilities in western ...

Schaeffers Specialized Lubricants

Since 1839, Schaeffers has pioneered concepts in lubrication that dramatically reduce twelve month bottom line operating costs. Our 'Bottom Line Cost Reduction Program' focuses on reducing total maintenance costs. It's not the 'Cost to Buy', it's the ...

Joy Propane Ltd.

724-114 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC

Joy Propane's main business is the supply of propane including propane used for oil-field, residential and automotive use. As well, propane tanks, vaporizers and other related equipment is available for rent or purchase. Bulk propane service is ...

North Atlantic Petroleum

29 Pippy Pl., St. John's, NL

North Atlantic Petroleum is a supplier and distributor of furnace fuel, road diesel, marine diesel, jet fuel, reformulated gasoline, kerosene, propane, ships' bunker fuel, and bunker 'C' fuel. The company also supplies and installs fuel oil and ...

JMN-GC Specialities Inc.

4510, rue Cayer, Sherbrooke, QC

JMN Specialties, Inc. , la fois de se spcialiser dans des nettoyeuses biodgradables, il formule aussi des produits mesure pour le contrle de la corrosion, l'inhibition d'oxyde dans les canalisations, le traitement d'eau, chimiques de stimulation ...

Trimar Advanced Materials

13364 Comber Way, Surrey, BC

We are one of the few 100% Canadian owned Fiberglass material producers and suppliers. Trimar carries a full spectrum of products used in the composites industry. We specialize in supplying raw materials to glass fiber manufacturers ...

Carmel Group Inc.

6829 Ave. de L'pe, Montreal, QC

Carmel Industries manufactures two product lines: Waxes and Industrial Markers. We produce wax for the jewellery, investment castings (foundry) and dental industries. We have a myriad of waxes including: Injection Casting Wax, Inlay Wax, Sticky ...

Petresa Canada Inc.

5250, boul. Bcancour, Bcancour, QC

Petresa Canada owns and operates a 120,000 mt/year LAB (linear alkyl benzene) facility in Bcancour, Quebec. The plant produces three grades of LAB, the P500-Q, P550-Q and P585-Q. Also a secondary product, P900-Q, is being produced. PCI is ...


50 Salome Dr., Scarborough, ON

Shell Canada Limited

400-4 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB