C-Tron Systems Corp.

3785 Myrtle St., Burnaby, BC

C-Tron began operations in 1987 and is based in Burnaby, BC. Its employees specialize in providing data communications services, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. C-Tron has a well earned reputation in the industry for ...


201-5595 Roy St., Burnaby, BC

INSINC is communications service provider focused on hosting and delivery of internet protocol applications and infrastructure support. We offer live event netcasting services, wide area network connections, fibre installations and Internet audio and ...

The Clayman's 3D Cartoon Communications

7285 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC

3D Cartoon Communications including Stop Motion and CG ( 3D Computer Generated ) Animation Production, Proprietary Animation Films, Dimensional Illustration, 3D Custom Foam, 3D Character Design, Character Licensing, Marionette Puppets, Sculpted Clay ...

Open Learning Agency

4355 Mathissi Pl, Burnaby, BC

The Open Learning Agency is a comprehensive, fully integrated, responsive,and flexible provider of educational and training services. OLA provides quality learning at home, in communities, in schools, and in the workplace. It does this ...


200-4170 Still Creek Dr., Burnaby, BC

Headquartered in Burnaby, GM Solutions is a leading provider of information technology services to small and mid-sized enterprise customers throughout British Columbia. Our services include network infrastructure, portals and content management, ...

Excelleris Technologies

260-4400 Dominion St, Burnaby, BC

Established in British Columbia in 1999, Excelleris Technologies is the leading provider in electronic transmission of laboratory diagnostic informationto community physicians. Today, excelleris is connected to 4000 physicians offices throughout the ...

Safecell Technologies inc.

Box 224 141-6200 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC

Safecell Technologies inc. is a security company that provides products and services to protect information over communication channels. We manufacture security related devices that are used throughout the world in the areas of cellular phone ...

Mitel Networks

4285 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Mitel Networks is a leading global provider of enterprise and small business communications solutions and services. The company focuses on blending powerful infrastructure with an intuitive human interface to deliver ...

AssistGlobal Inc.

349-6450 Roberts St., Burnaby, BC

AssistGlobal is a Services, Software and Hosting company that has built its reputation on stellar customer service, innovative software creation and hosting knowledge. The CTO of AssistGlobal is regarded as the lead in the field of development ...

Urban Networks Inc.

2555 Gilmore Ave., Burnaby, BC

To provide customers with dark fibre.