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Westport Innovations Inc.

Westport Innovations Inc. (WPT:TSE), based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is commercializing High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology for natural gas use in diesel engines. The company licensed HPDI in 1994 from the University of British Columbia where the technology was originally developed and demonstrated. Westport has since acquired and developed additional fuel injection and delivery patents for its HPDI systems. Westport's goal is to work with engine makers worldwide to establish HPDI as the leading approach for all diesel engines to operate on natural gas.

Westport has one joint venture and four development alliances. The joint venture is with Cummins Inc. of Columbus, Indiana, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial diesel engines above 50 horsepower. Cummins Westport Inc., manufactures and sells the world's widest range of low-emissions alternative fuel engines for commercial transportation applications such as trucks and buses. Cummins is a global power leader in engines, electrical power generation systems and related technologies. Westport Innovations is the leading developer of technologies that allow engines to operate on clean-burning fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen, and hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HCNG).

Westport's technology development alliances are in place with Ford, MAN, BMW and Isuzu, and has an ownership interest in Clean Energy, the largest provider of vehicular natural gas in North America.

Westport's leadership and excellence has been recognized through the support of its many government and industry partners in North America and abroad.
These partners include:
The Government of Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, University of British Columbia, Science Council of B.C., California Air Resources Board, Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the California Energy Commission.
Environmental Benefits:
Westport's HPDI technology reduces harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NO x ) and particulate matter (PM) by approximately 50 per cent and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25 per cent compared to current diesel engines.
Market Experience: Canada, U.S.A., Germany Market Interests: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Spain
Business Development Objectives:
Marketing/Strategic Alliances/Joint-Venture Partners/ Research and Development Collaboration Product

Service Offerings: Pollution Prevention Technologies/Air Pollution Control/Research and Development/Energy Efficiency/Transportation

Key Client Sectors: Auto Mfg./Transportation/Provincial Government/Federal Government/Municipal Government/Utilities.

Company Details

Year Established: 1995

Number of Employees: 225

Company Information

Charlie Ker
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Government Relations
Telephone: (604) 718-2013
Fax: (604) 718-2001


Environmental Products And Services

Alternative Fuel Engine
Westport Innovations is dedicated to leading the shift of the international commercial engine industry from oil-based to gaseous fuels. Westport develops technologies that allow diesel engines to operate on alternative fuels such as natural gas. Westport is working with engine and automotive leaders such as Cummins, Ford, Isuzu, MAN and BMW to bring products to market. Westport's market is anything that requires a diesel engine from transportation and industrial applications to power generation. Westport Innovations Inc., through its joint venture Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI), has a wide range of low-emissions, high performance natural gas powered engines for many applications. We have contributed our Westport Cycle technology and other proprietary natural gas technologies, and Cummins has contributed its current on-highway vehicle medium-duty spark- ignited natural gas engine businesses and proprietary engine- related technologies for on-highway vehicles, industrial and power generation applications. Cummins manufactures the engines for CWI and those engines are exclusively distributed and serviced by the Cummins global distribution system.

Conversion Of Diesel Engines To Natural Gas Using High Pressure Direct Injection (hpdi) Technology.
Westport Innovations Inc. is developing three products - injectors, fuel compression components, electronic controls - which together constitute complete natural gas fueling systems for mobile and industrial applications including stationary power generation. HPDI maintains the high efficiency and performance of diesels while drastically reducing particulate matter (soot), smog-causing emissions of nitrogen oxides as well as greenhouse gases. HPDI technology encompasses late-cycle direct injection of natural gas at the end of the compression stroke through a unique injection system. Westport's patented injectors fit within the envelope of the original diesel injector with no changes required to the engine or engine head. These injectors allow natural gas to be used as the main engine fuel together with a micro-pilot of diesel to initiate combustion. Westport has also developed high-pressure fuel pumps which ensure a supply of high-pressure gas (LNG or CNG) to the injectors. HPDI has been tested successfully on transit buses in Canada and California. Westport engineers are currently working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to adapt the technology to new engines in other heavy duty applications as well as automobiles. To date, Westport has signed an agreement with Cummins Engine Company to incorporate HPDI into a modern four-stroke engine used for industrial applications including stationary electrical power generation. Westport has a research and development program with Ford Motor Company to develop a new diesel automotive engine operating on natural gas.