The Mansis Development Corporation

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The Mansis Development Corporation

The Mansis Development Corporation, a management consulting and
training company, was established in 1978 and has offices in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toronto, Ontario and London, England.
specializes in performance management and works with senior
management of small and medium-sized companies as well as
government departments to implement organizational change and to
improve management practices. Mansis researches, develops and
implements supervisory and management skill training programs as
well as management Systems for government and private sector
clients, and provides professional management consulting
in human resource and general management.


Dr. Kent is a specialist in the structure and management of
small and medium-sized organizations, and frequently serves as a
personal coach and management consultant to executives for
solving their management and employee performance problems.
Before founding his consulting company, Bob held senior
management and executive positions in federal and provincial
government and private corporations. He has been a director of
several health care and service organizations and a consulting
member of private and government task forces in the areas of
government finance, organization structure, personnel management
and executive development.
Since 1972 he has lectured in management at several Canadian and
American universities in the faculties of Management,
Administrative Studies, Medicine and Continuing Education where
he has been an award winner for excellence in teaching and
professional expertise.
Bob has degrees in Mathematics, Business Administration and
Computer Science and a Ph.D. degree in Management and
Organizational Behaviour. He is a Past President of the
Institute of
Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba; and is a former
of the Canadian Institute of Management Consultants.
As well, Bob is a regular business magazine columnist, a reviewer
for professional journals, a frequent speaker at seminars and
conferences, a television host, and the author of over 120
published articles as well as several texts and videos on
management, supervision, executive development and

Company Details

Year Established: 1978

Number of Employees: 4

Company Information

Robert Kent
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 255-6516
Fax: (204) 253-4108
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The Mansis System

Management Texts
Four texts published by Pragma Press and written by Dr. Robert H. Kent, President of Mansis, are available for purchase. These are: -- 25 Steps to Maximize Productivity, -- Installing Change: an executive guide for implementing and maintaining organizational change, -- The Mansis System: Common Sense Management for Everyone, and -- Chicken Stew For Management. All four texts can be reviewed and ordered from the Web Site,


The Mansis Certificate In Supervision The Mansis Certificate in Supervision is a 33 hour, skill training program for developing supervisors and front-line managers. Customized and delivered in-house for client organizations, this flexible, 9 module Certificate program teaches participants critical supervisory skills including role clarification, listening, diagnosing performance problems, counselling and coaching employees, chairing meetings and teaching technical skills to others. Skills learned and practised in work shops can be successfully used immediately back on the job. A special complementary, 3 hour executive overview is provided for senior management to learn their role in maximizing the benefit to the organization for this investment in supervisory skill development. (See also our Certificate for Senior Management at our Web Site)

Management Skill Clinics Mansis conducts a set of supervisory and management skill training clinics for either in-house or public presentation. These high impact clinics feature one-on-one coaching and instruction from our management training professionals, and immediate on the job application of the skills by the participants for exceptionally fast return on the training investment. Included are clinics on the skills for recruiting and selecting employees, delegating authority, Job Instruction Training (JIT), and changing an employees inappropriate behavior or poor work habits.

Celebrity Seminars Designed for either in-house or public presentation, The Mansis Celebrity seminars feature Mansis President, Dr. Robert H. Kent. The '25 Steps' seminar reviews Dr. Kents internationally published text '25 Steps to Maximize Productivity' and participants learn how to diagnose and solve employee performance problems. The 'Installing Change' seminar is based on Dr. Kents acclaimed management text 'Installing Change: an executive guide for implementing and maintaining organizational change'. 'The Executive Clinic on People, Performance and Change'is a special day long workshop restricted to executives, and focuses on how a performance management system can be used by senior executives to lead and empower their workforce and successfully implement change and innovation.

Management Consulting Mansis provides top quality professional general management consulting and personal coaching to the heads of organizations and their senior executives, in the areas of human resource management and resolving employee performance problems. Using the unique 'Mansis Index of Organizational Change' survey tool, Mansis consultants can also measure an organizations inherent ability to implement change and recommend action plans for increasing the organizations success at implementing change and other initiatives.

The Mansis Index Of Organizational Change Purpose of the Mansis Index of Organizational Change* >>The Mansis Index of Organizational Change* is designed specifically to give senior management an assessment of the probable success of planned change efforts in their organizations. Results gathered using this Index give you unfiltered information about important organizational characteristics and opinions which are related to your organization's receptivity and ability to implement change successfully. >>Information collected with this Index can be used to develop specific action plans not only for increasing your organization's willingness to accept necessary change, but also for improving the organization's ability to implement the changes you want. >>As well, the Mansis Index of Organizational Change* can help validate management's perception of the need for organizational change and focus organizational change activity on organizational needs and not on symptoms. >>This Index has resulted from over ten years field experimentation by the Mansis Development Corporation with organizations from all industries. This research is also based upon studies of organizational behavior undertaken at major research institutions across North America and it reflects the most current, leading-edge knowledge about organizational change and management. >>Specific questions in the Index were developed from numerous sources for measuring the many factors related to organizational change, as well as from intensive research by Mansis.


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