TASC Industries

Address: 1525 Hyde Park Rd.
London, ON N6H 5L4

Mailling Address: 1525 Hyde Park Rd.
London, ON N6H 5L4

Phone: (519) 471-8093

Fax: (519) 471-9670

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TASC Industries

TASC Industries was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of custom
shower enclosures. There are many situations where it is
difficult, if not impossible to find a standard quality enclosure
for an oddly-shaped shower. TASC's prostal enclosures are
designed for these applications. Using quality aluminum
extrusions and tempered glass, the company can design and build
enclosures for virtually any shower. The units are measured and
cut at TASC's production facility in London and assembled on the
job either by the company or the consumer.

TASC Industries welcomes any inquiries about its enclosures and
is pleased to provide free quotations.

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Company Information

Jack Pieterman
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive


Custom Shower Enclosures With Quality Aluminum Extrusions And Tempered Glass


Design And Build Enclosures For Virtually Any Shower