Stawnichy's Holdings Ltd.

Address: 5212-50 St.
Mundare, AB T0B 3H0

Mailling Address: P.O. BOX 18
Mundare, AB T0B 3H0

Phone: (780) 428-8333

Toll Free: (800) 764-3746

Fax: (780) 764-3765

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Stawnichy's Meat Processing

The Sausage business was originally started in Mundare, Alberta
by Mr. Woytko Stawnichy during 1959. The business was located
in a small Grocery/Confectionery store which had one Smokehouse
for cooking sausage. Through continued experimenting and
changing, Mr. Stawnichy developed a recipe for the Sausage which
was of superb quality and taste. This same quality has been
maintained throughout the years by strict quality control. Mr.
Edward E. Stawnichy became involved with the business during 1965
and took over from his father fully in 1971.

As the product gained recognition, the single Smokehouse soon
became unable to meet the production requirements and it was
evident that changes had to be made. The decision was made to
sell the Grocery store business and build a new Meat Processing
Plant in Mundare, Alberta. The construction of the building was
completed and the official opening was held in March, 1979.

The new building contained two Smokehouses to meet the market
demands of our customers, however, within one year, the plant
was again unable to keep up with the market. This resulted in
building an extension to the premises and adding two additional
Smokehouses. The business operated in this manner until August,
1983 at which time the tremendous support of our customers made
it necessary to once again renovate the premises to increase the
output capacity. The renovation included completely remodelling
the inside of the Plant along with the installation of three new
Griffith Stainless Steel Smokehouses. These Smokehouses, which
gave us the capacity of producing 3,300 Lbs of Sausage every
three and one half hours, are very precise and exact in their
controls, resulting in a superb quality controlled product which
is marketed on a Province wide basis. During 1988 we found it
necessary to once again expand our capacity. We accomplished
this by tripling our building size to approximately 11,500 square
feet and adding an additional Griffith Stainless Steel
Smokehouse, a new stuffing machine complete with clipper and a
number of other new pieces of equipment including an industrial
cutter, a High Tech computerized cooking tank and Dixie Vac roll
stock vacuum packaging machine.

This new facility enables us to continue supplying our customers
with the fine quality processed meat products that they have
become accustomed to. In addition to the Home Made Style
Ukrainian Sausage, we have other products available such as
Pepperoni, Boneless and Bone-In Hams, Side and Back Bacon,
Kubbie Patties, European and Western Cheese Wieners, Smokies,
Lunch Meats, Salamis, etc.

During 1986 Mundare Sausage House was opened at 10752 - 124
Street in Edmonton through which our products were sold during
the ensuing years. The leased premises became inadequate
resulting in the decision to make more changes. A
Convenience/Grocery store was purchased at 11401 - 50 Street
Edmonton and was completely renovated to suit our needs. This
new location includes on-site parking for our customers which
was not available at the previous location. The outlet at
10752 -124 Street was closed as of August 31, 1992 to coincide
with the opening of the new store at 11401 - 50 Street. Our
official Grand Opening celebrations were held on Sept. 5, 1992.
The new store features all of our products which can be purchased
either in small retail amounts or in bulk wholesale quantities,
as well as 'Uncle Ed's, Place for Ukrainian Food' where a full
selection of delicious Ukrainian food plates can be chosen from
in addition to our tasty hotdogs, burgers, etc. The meals are
available for take-out or can be eaten in our comfortable
sit-down eating area.

In 1992 & 1993 our company participated in the Alberta Business
Awards of Distinction program which was sponsored by Alberta
Economic Development and Trade. We were entered in the Small
Business category in which we were chosen as one of the top
three businesses in the Province of Alberta each year.

Mr. Edward Stawnich also received the honor of being selected as
a winner of one of the five 1992 Pinnacle Awards sponsored by
the law firm of Milner Fenerty. This award was given to Mr.
Stawnichy in recognition of his unique entrepreneurial abilities
and for the outstanding contribution made by our business to the
economy of Northern Alberta.

We are presently in process of completing plans for a building
extension to Federal Standards in order to broaden our market
share to include all of Canada. The projected construction
start date has been set for the Spring of the year 2000.

We extend our appreciation and thanks to our customers for their
tremendous support of our products.

Company Details

Year Established: 1959

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 35

Company Information

Norman Walcheske
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (780) 428-8333
Fax: (780) 764-3765

Edward E. Stawnichy
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (780) 764-3912
Fax: (780) 764-3765
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