Sphere Business Solutions Inc.

Address: 15 Rivercourt Blvd
East York, ON M4J 3A3

Mailling Address: 15 Rivercourt Blvd
East York, ON M4J 3A3

Phone: (416) 425-8159

Toll Free: 1(888) Sph-ere6

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Website: http://solargrid.ca

Sphere Business Solutions Inc.

We offer a wide range of products lines for efficiencies. Specializing in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) generator grid-tie systems.
Interactive Voice Responce (IVR) through voxStream software and consulting.
Graphic Design and Back Office Administration.

Also visti: www.spherebusiness.com

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Tony Kebezes
Title: Director
Telephone: (416) 629-1446
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Solar/Photovoltaic Generator Systems

Net Metering, Grid-tie Systems
Using Photovoltaics, Net-Metering is a process where you build a credit on your hydro during the day and only pay for the net difference of electricity you use. Credit is being built when your Hydro Meter begins to run backward.

The Smoother
The Smoother is an innovative hydronic heating product that ensures even heat distribution to all radiators while lowering your energy bills.


Interactive Voice Response (ivr) Made available through voxStream. voxStream provides quick and extremely affordable turnkey solutions as well as custom application development for any size business. Find out if you qualify for Free Application Development.