Southport Aerospace Centre Inc.

Address: 272-180 Centennaire Dr.
Southport Admin. Bldg.
Southport, MB R0H 1N0

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 233
Southport, MB R0H 1N0

Phone: (204) 428-6030

Toll Free: (800) 558-4680

Fax: (204) 428-6060

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Southport Aerospace Centre Inc.

Southport is located 2 km south of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba,
Canada. For 50 years it was home to the Canadian Air Force, and
an integral part of the central plains economy. In 1990 when the
venue was released by the military, Southport Aerospace Centre
Inc., a community based, not-for-profit corporation, was
established to manage the commercial development of its over
1,500 acres of property.

The companys mission is to establish a world-class business
centre featuring aviation and aerospace training facilities,
research and development of new products, light manufacturing,
and educational institutions.

Southport still maintains strong alliances with the aerospace
and aviation community, and is now a dynamic location for
commercial, educational, retail, residential, and recreational

Commercial: Southport has abundant and economical hydroelectric,
natural gas energy and water supplies. Its drainage systems have
been upgraded, and a key asset for future growth is its fibre
optic capability that connects Southport globally. Southport
also prides itself in its ability to offer highly competitive
lease rates for a variety of industrial and commercial

Some of Southports commercial tenants include:

Airport Technologies Inc.
Serco Aviation
Field Aviation
Aramark Canada
Atkins & Pearce
Abenaki Artworks
Central Plains Inc.
White Horse Plains Community Futures Development
The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.

Educational: Southport believes in the potential offered by
education, and to support its belief has created an on-site
campus. We believe that we have a really good campus at
Southport, where people can have their career-planning needs
met.' - John Pittman, CEO of Southport.

Southports educational campus comprises of:

The Canadian Aviation Training Centre
Campus Manitoba
Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and
Technology Portage Campus
School of Tomorrow
Sunshine Nursery School.

Retail: On-site, Southport offers various retail services
through its post office, convenience store, restaurant, an art
gallery and ATM.

Residential: Southport manages and leases 174 duplex style
rental-housing units on a short and long-term lease basis. Two,
three or four bedroom units, complete with garage, are
available. To enhance Southport's residential area, the exterior
designs vary by unit to add character and individuality; and to
meet the changing needs of the tenants and the community;
Southport continually improves and renovates the interiors to
make them more comfortable and appealing. Student accommodations
are also available.

Recreational: Southport is home to a wide range of excellent
recreational facilities such as:

a full-sized swimming pool,
a 9,760 sq. ft. gymnasium,
a 6-lane bowling alley,
a whirlpool,
a weight room,
a seasonal in-door skating rink,
a 9-hole golf course,
a beach volleyball court,
a running track,
ball diamonds,
soccer fields, and
tennis courts.

For more information about Southport, call: 204-428-6030, toll
free: 1-800-558-4680, or visit our web site at:

Company Details

Year Established: 1990

Company Information

Uzo Amajor
Title: Communication/P.R. Coordinator
Telephone: (204) 428-6030
Fax: (204) 428-6060
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Daye Irving
Title: Marketing Manager
Telephone: (204) 428-6030
Fax: (204) 428-6060
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Karen Wohlgemuth
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Telephone: (204) 428-6030
Fax: (204) 428-6060
Email: Click Here

John Pittman
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 428-3370
Fax: (204) 428-3377
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Alan Green
Telephone: (204) 428-3370
Fax: (204) 428-6060
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