SRI Homes Inc.

Address: 485 Beaver Lake Rd.
Kelowna, BC V4V 1S5

Mailling Address: 485 Beaver Lake Rd.
Kelowna, BC V4V 1S5

Phone: (250) 766-0457

Fax: (250) 766-0583

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SRI Homes Inc.

The Company
SRI Homes Inc. is Canadas largest builder of homes.
Established in 1978, SRI operates production facilities in
British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan with more than 30,000
m2 of floor space dedicated to housing production.

SRI Homes International was established in 1994 to design and
produce quality and affordable housing for the international

Export Experience and Goals
Modern manufacturing techniques combined with stringent quality
control processes ensure every SRI Home is built to meet our
customers' specifications and provide quick and easy on-site
assembly; all at a competitive price. SRI's reputation for
reliability and trust continues to grow around the world. Our
customers in Japan, China, the United States, France, Germany,
New Zealand, Canada and Russia know that they can count on us to
meet all of their housing needs.

Products and Services
SRI designs and manufactures mobile/modular homes as well as a
wide array of woodframe packaged structures for residential
housing, commercial and temporary/emergency shelter application
in international markets. Homes may be ordered as a 'Panelized
Package', a 'Precut Package' or as a factory complete 'Modular
Home' with a full compliment of finishing goods available at
competitive prices.

SRI offers colourful brochures showing home plans, decor
choices, and many optional features. Over 5,000 home plans are
featured on SRI's Encyclopedia of Homes, and with the ability to
customize a plan, SRI is able to find the right plan for every

SRI's expertise in planning combined with our quality built,
affordable homes and backed with excellent technical support
ensures the successful completion of housing projects worldwide.

Company Details

Year Established: 1978

Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 - $1,000,000

Number of Employees: 750

Company Information

Robert Adria
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (250) 766-0457
Fax: (250) 766-0451
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Dan Fournier
Title: Export Sales
Area of Responsibility: Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (250) 766-0457
Fax: (250) 766-0855
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Sarah Roberts
Title: Sales & Marketing Assistant
Telephone: (250) 766-0457
Fax: (250) 766-0451
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