Robert LeBlanc and Associates

Address: 1788 Cambridge St.
Halifax, NS B3H 4A9

Mailling Address: 1788 Cambridge St.
Halifax, NS B3H 4A9

Phone: (902) 446-3181

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Robert LeBlanc and Associates


Robert LeBlanc, President and Founder of Robert LeBlanc and
Associates, has an international reputation for meeting and
exceeding clients' needs. Based on his 32 years in education as
a teacher, university lecturer and senior manager, Robert
LeBlanc has the experience and expertise to assist your
organization develop sustainable solutions. In addition to
having worked throughout Canada, Robert LeBlanc has provided
leadership in a variety of international education projects
including most recently Oman, Brunei and Sri Lanka. Much of
Robert leBlanc's work with clients this year has focussed on
developing business plans, leadership training, institutional
development and capacity building, and curriculum development.

Robert LeBlanc and Associates has a team of experienced
professionals in a diversity of educational areas including
curriculum development subject specialists(Arts, Mathematics,
Science, English, Health, Physical Education), School
Leadership, Information Technology and Human Resource

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Number of Employees: 8

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Robert Leblanc
Title: President
Telephone: (902) 446-3181
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