Revay and Associates Limited

Address: 39 Robertson Rd
Suite 230
Nepean, ON K2H 8R2

Mailling Address: 39 Robertson Rd
Suite 230
Nepean, ON K2H 8R2

Phone: (613) 721-6801

Fax: (613) 596-8172

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Revay and Associates Limited

Revay and Associates Limited (RAL) was established in 1970 and
has grown into an international consulting firm providing
construction management expertise to government agencies,
developers, financial and learning institutions, consulting
engineers, architects, contractors and various sectors of the
construction industry. RAL has offices in Montreal, Ottawa,
Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The services offered can be
grouped in two broad categories: pre-construction and project
management, and dispute resolution services.

RAL staff includes professional engineers, architects,
geologists, certified cost engineers and cost consultants,
professional quantity surveyors, project management
professionals, project estimators, scheduling specialists and
other technical specialists.

Company Details

Year Established: 1970

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Company Information

James Beckett
Title: Consultant
Telephone: (613) 721-6801
Fax: (613) 596-8172
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Project Management Consulting - Cost Estimating

Dispute Resolution Services Revay and Associates Limited has prepared or evaluated over 2,500 claims, ranging in value from $10,000 to $150 million. The firm has earned its reputation over the years as an 'honest broker', making RAL a leader in dispute resolution throughout Canada and placing it among the leading consulting firms in this field. This recognition is born out of the professional competence, specialized knowledge and the unique analytical approaches RAL has developed for appraising and presenting client claims. Specific Services are: Claims Assessment Expert Report & Witness Services Trial Graphics Assistance for Legal Council Schedule Analysis Lost Productivity Analysis Damage Quanitification Document Management and Control Dispute Resolution Methods

Project Management Consulting - Planning & Scheduling RAL's planning and scheduling services cover a broad range of activities, including: establishing realistic milestones and completion dates at the outset of the project; periodic updating of the construction schedule so that forecast completion dates are realistic; determining the most expedient and cost-effective sequence of operations; developing a program of cost-loaded scheduling; and clearly evaluating the duration of delays due to changes.

Project Management Consulting - Cost And Progress Control Tracking costs against the estimated budget of a project requires accurate and ongoing analysis of various aspects of its construction. RAL monitors construction methods, resource allocation, duration of project activities, productivity and costs for any deviation from the project plan. RAL's analysis also includes the reasons for any variations and possible means for improvement. The extent and depth of these studies depends on the size and complexity of the job, and whether they are prepared for the contractor or the owner

Project Management Consulting - Claims Avoidance RAL's extensive experience with construction claims has led to the development of guidelines and procedures for avoiding claims, thereby reducing the final project cost

Project Management Consulting - Risk Analysis Risk is inherent to the construction industry; who is to carry the risks on a given project is determined by the terms of the contract. However, risk allocation should not proceed without a real analysis of its financial consequences. RAL professionals help identify risks, determining not just their probability, but also their potential impact on time and cost. Then, decisions can be made more logically whether risk responsibility should be allocated to owner or contractor.

Project Management Consulting - Constructability Review The methods of erection and sequencing of the installation are normally the contractor's responsibility and the designer does not normally take these into consideration. A constructability review by RAL personnel with extensive field experience can reveal potential problems which can be resolved before construction starts.

Project Management Consulting - Project Audit There are times when it is desirable to audit the project after completion, when the performance of one of the project participants is to be evaluated in terms of workmanship and cost effectiveness. Such an audit does not deal with the technical competence of the firm under investigation, but rather concentrates on its commercial characteristics such as timeliness of delivery, adherence to the client's interest, value for money. Given the implication of such an audit, this exercise calls for solid experience and, even more importantly, sound judgement. RAL's team is ideally suited to provide both.