Plaintree Systems Inc

Address: 110 Decosta St.
Arnprior, ON K7S 3X1

Mailling Address: 110 Decosta St.
Arnprior, ON K7S 3X1

Phone: (613) 623-3434

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Plaintree Systems Inc

Plaintree Systems Inc. is a publicly traded company on the
Toronto Stock Exchange. In existance since 1988, it is actively
engaged in research, development, marketing and sales of its
wireless infrared local area network connectivity product line,
as well as high quality network switches.

The wireless uses Infrared as the medium in which data, voice
and video is transmitted across the airwaves. They operate in
the physical layer as a seamless replacement for cable as well
as an alternative to radio frequency wireless products. The
Plaintree connectivity solution is license exempt
worldwide with transmission data rates of 10Mbps Ethernet or
16/4 Mbps Token Ring data rate.

With its ability to cover distances up to 4 kilometers in a
single hop, the wireless infrared connectivity solution
is ideal for a variety of configurations including
interbuilding, intrabuilding, factory and open office
applications. Longer transmission distances can be achieved by
connecting the units in a multihop configuration (units
connected back to back), in accordance IEEE 802.3 requirements.

Plaintree wireless LED based Ethernet and Token Ring product
lines are solving corporations' connectivity issues successfully
worldwide. Plaintree's Research and Development team is
continuing with the integration of digital voice and Ethernet
data along with addressing Fast Ethernet and speeds beyond 155

Rugged, Rudundant, Reliable are the three R's of Plaintree's
network WaveSwitches. They can be found in the Canadian and US
military's arsenal of networking gear, proving their outstanding
performance. Our leading edge engineering has made the
Plaintree name synonymous with the very highest quality.
Plaintree continues to build prosperous business relationships
around the globe.

Company Details

Year Established: 1988

Number of Employees: 40

Company Information

David Watson
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (613) 274-7979
Fax: (613) 274-7538
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Lynn Saunders
Title: Director of Operations
Telephone: (613) 623-3434
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Alison Mccuaig
Title: Sales and Marketing
Telephone: (613) 274-7979
Fax: (613) 274-7538
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Linda Pond
Title: Sales/Marketing Specialist
Telephone: (613) 274-7979
Fax: (613) 274-7538
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Pet350e Outdoor Long Range Transceiver

Pet350 Indoor Long Range Transceiver
The PET350 Indoor Long Range Transceiver provides a 10 Mbps wireless Ethernet connection. Range extends up to approx. 1,500 feet ( 1/2 a kilometer ). Dimensions: 11.5''x15''x15.7'' Weight: 16lb

Pet300 Series Of Transceivers
The PET300 Series of Transceivers provide an IEEE 802.3 compatible 10Mbps wireless Ethernet LAN connection. The range extends from 10 feet to 550 feet depending on the model. The ET300 series is available in both indoor and outdoor models. The outdoor series is encased in weather protective housings which withstand temperatures from -40C to +40C. Used for point-to-point connections. Indoor Dimensions: 4.5''x9''x7.5'' Weight: 4lb Outdoor Dimensions: 14.2''x16.7''x22'' Weight: 26lb + mounting pole

Ptr500 Series Of Transceivers
The PTR500 Series of Transceivers provides IEEE 802.5 compatible wireless 16/4 Mbps Token Ring connection. Range extends from 10 to approx. 1,500 feet ( 1/2 a kilometer ). Both primary and secondary applications with dual redundant operation are supported. Available for indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor models are encased in weather protected housings which withstand temperatures from -40C to +40C. Indoor Dimensions: 4.5''x9''x4.5'' Weight: 4lb Outdoor Dimensions: 14.2''x16.7''x22'' Weight: 26lb + mounting pole

Pm Multiplex Transceiver Series
The PM Multiplex Transceiver Series gives the user access to Ethernet LAN communications by supplying both a 10 Mbps true throughput as well as a T1/E1 dedicated channel. The units are designed for applications where flexibility is a key issue. Businesses can reserve the T1/E1 for videoconferencing, for example, and use the 10 Mbps throughput for data. Range is 10 - 4000m.

Waveswitch 4800
WaveSwitch 4800 - for the data center. Offers 800Mbps full duplex, non-blocking bandwidth, 8 100Mbps slots for 'mix and match' FastLinx or Plaintree's Vrouter virtual routing modules. It has VLANs and SMARTVIPS, 4096 with an optional 8192 addresses, full Remote Monitoring and N+1 redundant power.

Waveswitch 1216
WaveSwitch 1216 - for departments. Offers 16 Ethernet ports, two 'mix and match' FastLinx slots, full duplex operation on all ports, 4096 addresses, positive filtering, full Remote Monitoring, VLANs, and SMARTVIPS. It also encompasses Plaintree's Vrouter virtual routing module and 536,000 pps forwarding capability.

Waveswitch 1018
WaveSwitch 1018 for workgroups. Offers 16 Ethernet ports, two fixed 100Base-TX ports, full duplex operation, 1024 addresses, positive filtering, full RMON, Virtual LANs, SmartVIPs and 536,000 pps forwarding capability.

Waveswitch 9200
The WaveSwitch employs a two-stage non-blocking switching fabric. This design provides high availability, high throughput, and high port density. The core switching fabric is contained on up to four separate modules called Comon Matrix Modules (CMMs). The design of the core switching fabric is extremly robust. As long as a single CMM is running, there is full connectivity between ports. The modules are hot-swappable, and the user has the choice of several configurations: -64 FDDI SAS Ports -32 FDDI DAS Ports -32 WaveBus Ports -128 100Base-TX/FX Ports -128 10/100 BaseTX Ports

Waveswitch 9202
The WaveSwitch 9202 is a 2-slot version of the WaveSwitch 9200. Its design features a high-capacity, crosspoint, switching fabric surrounded by I/O modules. All WaveSwitch 9200 modules can be used in the WaveSwitch 9202. The 9200/9202 series supports Plaintree's leading Trunk Group software. By combining up to 32 links into a single, virtual link, trunking provides a high-bandwidth, high availability connection to other switches or high-performance servers.

Waveview Switch Manager
Plaintree's WaveView Switch Manager meets today's network management need for a powerful, easy-to-install and simple-to- use LAN switch manager. Fully SNMP-compliant, WaveView enables netework managers to quickly collect, organize, and save critical information about their WaveSwitches and their switched network - all at the click of a mouse. WaveView's state of the art GUI helps get LAN managers up and running quickly, maximizing time for managing the network instead of trying to manage the application. And its modular architecture makes it portable and future-ready.