Plainsman Mfg. Inc.

Address: 8305 McIntyre Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5J7

Mailling Address: 8305 McIntyre Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5J7

Phone: (780) 496-9800

Toll Free: 1(877) 448-0586

Fax: (780) 463-9800

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Plainsman Mfg. Inc.

Plainsman Mfg. Inc. is a locally owned manufacturing and distribution company operating out of Edmonton, Ab since 1968.

We manufacture and distribute a variety of products for oilfield production, pipeline maintenance & construcion, gas & water distribution, cathodic protection, and other industrial applications.

Plainsman is currently operating out of a 26 000-sq. ft. facility on the south side of Edmonton. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service maintaining a large inventory at our Edmonton location. Continued registration of our ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system since 1994 reflects our commitment to quality & service. At Plainsman, we are constantly seeking out new & better products and services to meet our customers' requirements and the ever-changing demands of industry.

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Alex Macleod
Title: Consultant
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (780) 496-9800
Fax: (780) 463-9800
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Chemical Pump

Tank level gauges any length up to 8 ft. (w/ flow rate scale, 1/2' npt connections) Drum gauges for 45 gal. drums

Check Valve
Plainsman manufactures our own inline check valves. We have sizes ranging from 1/4' up to 2'. Check valves are manufactured from Carbon and Stainless steel. The pressure ratings available are mainly 3000 or 10 000 psi.

Gas Distribution
We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for CENTRAL brand gas distribution fittings.

Water Distribution
We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for CENTRAL brand Water distribution fittings.

Insulating Union
We are the exclusive canadian distributor of CENTRAL brand ground joint insulating unions. We carry sizes of 1/4' to 2' in pressure ratings of 150 psi and 3000psi. We also carry 1 & 2' dielectric unions.

Orifice Union
We currently manufacture the orifice plates and distribute the unions. We can bore plates to customer specification.

Pc Pump Parts
We currently manufacture parts for the Progressive Cavity pumps.

Rupture Disc
We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the LaMOT brand rupture discs. We maintain a large inventory and have the ability order any configuration of disc in.

Foam Pig
Plainsman manufactures our own foam pigs. We maintain a large inventory of 1-1/2# and 5# density pigs.

Urethane Pigs
Plainsman maintains a large inventory of solid cast urethane pigs. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Flange Insulation
Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor of CENTRAL brand flange insulation kits. We maintain a large inventory of kits for customer satisfaction.

Polish Rod Clamps
Plainsman manufactures our own polish rod clamp. It is available in 1-1/8', 1-1/4', & 1-1/2' sizes, with 1, 2, &3 bolts.

Wellhead Products
Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Whittle & Neher (WNS) brand Well head products. We manitain a large inventory of: flow tees, chokes, stuffing boxes, blow-out preventors, back pressure valves, swing checks, and cone packing.

Meter Pit
Plainsman manufactures our own meter pit. Plainsman's model 18 meter lift is an underground utility vault with movable water meter setting for installation in cold climates.

Tubing Drain
Plainsman manufactures our own tubing drain. We maintain a stock of drains in 2-3/8', 2-7/8', 3-1/2', and 4-1/2'. Standard drains are built from carbon steel and equipped with viton seals. Brass screws are used for their consistent shear values, and reduced wear during shear. This allows the drains to be re-used.

Shear Coupling
Plainsman manufactures our own pin x box shear coupling. Couplings are made from 4340 HTSR steel for durability & long life. Constant diameter field replaceable pins make it easy to re-use.

Site Glass
Plainsman is an authorized distributor of SCHOTT Duran tubular gauge glass. We maintain an abundant inventory of clear, redline, and acrylic site glass.

Transition Fitting
Plainsman manufactures our own transition fittings. Our Weld-end ID controlled transition fittings are a leak free, pressure tested design.

Casing Insulator
Plainsman distributes polyethylene Casing insulators in a wide variety of sizes. Plainsman also manufactures SS band insulators in custom sizes for larger applications.

Rod Stabilizer
Plainsman manufactures our own rod stabilizers. Rod stabilizers minimize wear & tear on the casing from the sucker rod.

Pipe Repair
Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor of HV-MFG brand pipe repair clamps and sleeve couplings. We maintain a large inventory of commonly used sizes.

Pipe Tape
Plainsman distributes polyethylene pipeline tape and primer. When used on buried pipelines, it will protect from chemical and electrolytic corrosion.

Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor for CENTRAL brand electrofusion equipment and fittings. Electrofusion can be applied to gas or water lines to simplify the assembly of distribution or gathering systems.

Meter Connections
Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor for CENTRAL brand meter swivels and unions.

Meter Risers
Plainsman is the exclusive Canadian distributor of CENTRAL brand risers. Risers are available in a multitude of configurations, please enquire for details.

Flare Launchers
Plainsman distributes the ORION brand of signal flare launchers. Flares are also kept in stock for quick & easy shipping

Run Ticket Box
The TITAN run ticket box eliminates the expense of tracking down lost or unreadable run tickets by keeping the tickets safe, clean and dry at a constant locationon the well site. The box is constructed from durable polyethylene and has a plastic see through window for run ticket visibitlity. The RTB1 features a spring loaded hinged lid which helps keep the lid closed during windy conditions.

Weholite Pipe
Plainsman is an exclusive distributor of the WEHOLITE lightweight pipe system. Constructed from polyethylene with a patented structured wall process, it is available in sizes up to 120' in diameter. WEHOLITE pipe is ideal in applications such as: water distribution, gravity sewers, rehabilitation projects, and manholes.


Custom Machining Plainsman has numerous machines and capabilities, we have a large machine shop and will consider any custom jobs put forth.