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PCB Disposal Inc.

PCB Disposal Inc.
For the past 16 years, PCB Disposal has been involved in the
management and destruction of PCB wastes. We have
successfully completed more than 5,000 PCB contracts and
greater than 600 transportation projects involving in excess of
5,000,000 kg of PCB solids and liquids. We have disposed of
more than 4,000 transformers and since August of 1995, disposed
of 2,000,000 kg of PCBs for more than 1000 clients at numerous
sites across Canada. All of our clients are named as
additionally insured for $5,000,000 for each of Pollution
Liability,Comprehensive and Automobile Insurance coverages. We
are the only PCB company that has transported PCBs by air, water
rail and road and we have been involved with training of both
Environment Canada and Ontario MOE Investigation officers
regarding PCBs.

SITE Services
PCB Disposal provides a wide range of PCB management and
destruction services including the following:
- transformer draining (includes providing proper drums and
secondary containment)
- removal of transformers from substations (regardless of
accessibility - see below)
- draining, decontamination and/or disposal of underground
storage tanks
- site assessments for all PCB contamination above and below
- site remediation (soil excavation, transportation, disposal)
- reclassification of mineral oil transformers to non-PCB status
- providing temporary or permanent PCB containers of any size,
- providing storage tanks for bulking PCB - contaminated oils,
fuels, solvents, water and askarels
- inter on intra-city transportation of PCBs
- sampling & analysis of any substrate for PCBs, dibenzofurans
and dioxins
- providing new replacement transformers (dry-type, silicone, R-
Temp-see below for more information)
- on-site decontamination of mineral oil and PCB contaminated
- removal of PCB capacitors and light ballasts and installing
non-PCB replacements
- relocation of PCB wastes to a transfer station prior to
shipment to the destruction facility.

Askarel Transformer Replacement
Owners of PCB transformers ultimately face the decision whether
to ``Replace`` their askarel transformers with new units or
``Reclassify`` them to non-PCB status using the perchloroethylene
process. PCB Disposal can now offer a new approach to askarel
transformer replacement which is safer and faster than
reclassification. In cooperation with the transformer
manufacturer,PCB Disposal can now offer a turn-key process for
askarel transformer replacement which involves replacing askarel
transformers with dry-type transformers. Particularly in those
instances where transformers are virtually inaccessible, askarel
transformers are drained, disassembled and removed in pieces and
the new replacement transformers are brought to the site in
pieces and assembled in the substation. This approach will
immediately eliminate the liability associated with PCBs and
perchloroethylene and allow transformers to be removed from any
location,regardless of where the transformers are situated. As
more perchloroethylene, many are choosing to replace their PCB
transformers and forego the long process of reclassification.

If you would like a quotation for any PCB project, large or small
or require more information on our management services or would
like to receive copies of testimonial letters from several of our
satisfied customers, please call toll-free rom anywhere in Canada

Company Details

Year Established: 1987

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 5

Company Information

Eric A.H. Smith
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive


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