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Progressive BioActives Inc (PBI) is a privately held bioscience R&D company Federally Incorporated in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

PBI has developed an innovative patent pending extraction process to produce a natural, highly pure and bioactive form of yeast beta glucan, called YBG or YBG Complex; currently produced only for livestock. PBI comprises a group of leading scientists & business people in Canada, the USA and Asia, experienced in the development, production and marketing of Yeast Beta Glucan innovations.


A natural Growth Promotion Antibiotic Replacement in poultry, swine and other animals.

Products such as YBG may also offer new market opportunities for premium priced natural, chemically reduced pork/poultry meat via reduction or elimination of GPA in feed via using YBG at specific dosages.

Our YBG product is a B-glucans extracted from the yeast cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is purified to contain greater than 70% pure yeast beta 1,3/1,6-D-Glucan with an enhanced bioactivity. We are unaware of any other yeast beta glucan of this purity that is used commercially in livestock feed. We believe that this may explain our consistent commercial results.

β-glucans, essential components of the yeast cell walls, have been shown to be useful in the support of the non-specific immune system of animals. Immunomodulation is currently being explored in swine and poultry as an alternative to routine use of antimicrobials. Yeast beta-glucans have been shown to have many potential properties in immune stimulation. Immune system cells such as macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells have specific receptors for yeast beta-glucans. The dosage of beta-glucan appears to be a critical factor in its application and the effect varies by source and purity.

To date, our swine research and commercial studies, show another interesting aspect that has a direct positive cost/benefit to producers. The studies show that YBG significantly increases number of piglets born alive, by up to 10% per farrowing as well as an increase of up to 5% in weaned piglet survival, providing a significant net profit to producers.

Current projects ongoing at PBI:
-Developing and refining the production, screening and selection processes of yeast strains.
-Optimizing the current extraction process of Beta Glucan and research other methods to extract compounds from the process.
-Develop and isolate Enzymes from designer yeast strains & associated processes.
-Working on the isolation of bioactive and nutritional components from yeast beta glucan production by-products.

Numerous other exiting, non yeast related health and immune R&D projects are ongoing at PBI, call us for details.

In closing, it is PBIs aspiration to emerge as a leader in the development and manufacture of health and immune solutions by utilizing scientifically proven, effective and novel bioactive extracts for animal and companion pet applications. Such products would promote the sustainability, viability and competitiveness in animal agri-/aqua-culture by providing producers environmentally friendly, yet effective alternatives to current management tools and access to niche market opportunities.

PBI is currently developing strategic alliances, market/product development partnerships & joint ventures all over the world.

Investor inquiries welcome.

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Title: Chief Operating Officer
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Telephone: (902) 367-4998
Fax: (902) 569-3653
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Nicole Patelakis
Title: Office Manager and Accounting Clerk
Area of Responsibility: Finance/Accounting, Administrative Services
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Bruce Beaton
Title: Marketing and Sales Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
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