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Ordan Thermal Products Ltd.

In addition to combustion systems and burners, Ordan Thermal supplies combustion controls, flame safeguards, regulators/governors, mixers, valves, motors, blowers and many other parts used in the manufacture of combustion heat processing systems.

Ordan Thermal is a Canadian and New York State representative of Pyronics Incorporated; a global manufacturer of combustion equipment for all heat processing markets. The Pyronics line includes; burners, electronic burner controls and flame supervision systems, mixers, valves and industry's most complete line of energy saving precision regulators for all types of combustion systems.

Ordan Thermal is also a Canadian representative of Synetek Controls; of Wellington, Colorado, USA. Synetek Controls is a manufacturer of AGA; CGA, & CSA approved and design certified to ANSI Z21.20 Automatic Gas Ignition Controls and related components. The microprocessor controls are designed for use in many heating applications such as industrial and commercial gas burners, gas furnaces, boilers, water heaters, gas fireplaces, infra-red and radiant heaters, commercial cooking equipment, commercial dryers and virtually all other types of low temperature heat processing applications.

We are also the proud exclusive distributor of Petrochem Inc; St. Charles, Illinois. Petrochem specializes in synthetic lubricants for oven, proofer and cooler chains for the Baking Industry. As a global manufacturer of synthetic lubricants formulated to operate in high temperature and extreme environment applications for the baking and food processing industries, Petrochem offers a complete package to clean chains, developed a specialty air blow station and lubricant applicator to improve the total performance of the lubricant and oven chain for both conveyor and tunnel ovens.

As suppliers of complete heat processing systems, our goal is to fit each job to the customer's specifications. We specialize in food processing industries and mainly in the baking industry. Along with bread baking applications, we have worked on many custom systems included heat treat, forge and kiln furnaces, paint and powder finishing systems, line, walk-in, burn-off, and infrared ovens, air make-up, heat recovery, solid waste and fume incinerators.

Ordan Thermal proudly supplies combustion systems and designs for various industrial and commercial combustion heat-processing applications. Our products and designs can be found in several sectors of industry, including; steel processing, mining, food production, solid waste, heat-treating, glass and plastic forming, textile, powder coating, the automotive industry, and many others.

Endurance is the word best fit to describe the combustion heat process equipment supplied by Ordan Thermal. Over the years, we have gained a growing reputation for the supply of solid, age enduring, efficient, and trustworthy equipment.

An innovative and versatile approach to process heating allows Ordan Thermal to operate as problem solving partners with your specific applications. The common belief of matching every product to the client's specific requirements, and not simply to act as order takers or salespeople, is echoed throughout Ordan Thermal's entire staff. The services offered by Ordan's team of professionals continue after the product has been delivered. At Ordan Thermal, pride is taken in looking out for the customer. This level of honest service - the foundation of Ordan Thermal Products - will continue to be the cornerstone of the company well into the future.

As the existing and potential applications for industrial and commercial heat processing are virtually unlimited, at Ordan Thermal our job is to put your needs first, and ensure a quality solution to your combustion heat processing application.

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