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National Silicates

National Silicates Ltd. (NSL) is a wholly owned Canadian
subsidiary of The PQ Corporation. The PQ Corporation in
conjunction with its affiliates is the world's largest producer
of sodium and potassium silicates with manufacturing facilities
in 17 countries on five continents.

Our products are available in a variety of forms: liquids,
powders, solids, and alkaline crystals known as metasilicates,
that serve a growing number of customer needs. NSL and The PQ
Corporation also produce magnesium sulphate, commonly known as
epsom salt, available as liquid and crystalline products.

NSL's headquarters is in Toronto, Canada. The production and
distribution facilities for sodium silicates are located in
Valleyfield, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Ft. Frances, Ontario;
Whitecourt, Alberta; Surrey, British Columbia; and Parksville,
British Columbia. Magnesium sulphate is produced at Surrey, BC;
Berkeley, CA; and Utica, IL.

NSL has been serving customers in Canada since 1931, but as a
subsidiary of The PQ Corporation, has experience in the chemical
manufacturing industry beginning in 1831. NSL has built its
business through a commitment to helping its customers succeed
in their own businesses. This commitment ensures that customers
consistently receive superior products accompanied by a high
level of technical support for optimal use.

National Silicates' plants and offices are ISO-9002 registered
and verified under the Canadian Chemical Producers Association
Responsible Care Initiative (Phase 1).


The environmentally friendly nature of sodium and potassium
silicates and magnesium sulphate, in combination with a distinct
set of chemical properties, makes these products well suited to
a vast and growing number of industries and end-uses including:


NSL is the world leader in the use of sodium silicates and
magnesium sulphate for peroxide stabilization in pulp bleaching,
deinking, scale prevention, and oxygen delignification. Our
laboratory and technical service capabilities focus on reducing
overall chemical bleaching costs.


Silicates are used as anionic dispersants and depressants in
mineral flotation.


Silicates are used as corrosion inhibitors and flocculant aids
in municipal water treatment systems, and as iron and manganese
sequestrants for the treatment of well water.


Silicates stabilize peroxide and increase its efficiency in a
variety of end-uses from pulp and paper and textile bleaching to
waste water treatment.


Silicates are used in the oilfield for lost circulation; cement
additives; dewatering sludge or reclaiming used oil; and
drilling mud slurry thinners.


Silicates provide a range of benefits including agglomeration of
detergent granules, corrosion inhibition, emulsification
properties and pH buffering.


Silicates provide adhesion for these paper products as well as
improving crush strength.

Company Details

Year Established: 1931

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 100

Company Information

Dave Patterson
Title: Sales Director
Telephone: (416) 255-7771
Fax: (416) 201-4343
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Aaron Helsdon
Telephone: (416) 255-7771
Fax: (416) 201-4343

David Patterson
Title: Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (416) 255-7771
Fax: (416) 201-4343
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