McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd.

Address: 57 Atomic Ave.
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5K8

Mailling Address: 57 Atomic Ave.
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5K8

Phone: (416) 255-7878

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Fax: (416) 255-7860

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McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd.

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited distributes Industrial
Process Equipment for use in industrial, municipal, commercial,
mining, pulp & paper, and food processing applications.

Company Details

Year Established: 1930

Company Information

Kevin Kosowicz
Title: Marketing
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (416) 255-7878
Fax: (416) 255-7860
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Dresser-rand, Steam Turbine Division

Siemens Regenerative Blowers
Siemens Liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors, regenerative blowers for pressure or vacuum.

Monsanto Enviro-chem Systems
Air pollution control - systems and services Gas Cleaning: engineered scrubbing systems, electrostatic precipitators. Odour Control: mist scrubbers, biofilter systems. VOC Abatement: thermal and catalytic oxidation systems.

Tranter Superchanger,Minex,Maxchanger,Swep,Platecoil
Superchanger: plate and frame heat exchangers Minex: compact gasketed plate heat exchangers Maxchanger: all-welded plate heat exchangers Swep: compact brazed heat exchangers Platecoil: prime surface heat exchangers

Plate-fin and fin-tube cored heat exchangers Low pressure air/gas applications Vapour condensers

Api Heat Transfer
API Basco: Shell and tube heat exchangers, aftercoolers, steam surface condensers, separators API Ketema: Whitlock shell and tube heat exchangers, ACME condensers, chiller barrels and chiller packages API Airtech: Aluminum vacuum-brazed air-cooled heat exchangers, Aftercoolers, oil coolers, charge air coolers

Schutte And Koerting
Steam jet syphons, exhausters, heaters, blowers, thermocompressors Steam jet vacuum pumps Liquid jet eductors, exhausters, compressors Ejector-venturi scrubbers, vent gas scrubbers Packaged ejector-venturi/packed tower gas scrubber systems Barometric condensers Steam desuperheaters

Universal Silencer
Blower and fan silencers Vacuum pump silencers and separator-silencers Absorptive silencers Vent silencers Engine silencers, spark arrestors Air filters, filter-silencers Gas turbine inlet filters, inlet and exhaust silencers

Vane-type moisture separators, air intake systems, mist extractors Gas filters and separators Liquid filtration systems Fuel-gas conditioning systems Pulsation dampeners Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for NOX and CO

Clark Reliance
Boiler water columns Level gauges, gauge valves, hoods and illumination accessories Simpliport: bicolour remote reading gauges Fiberlevel: bicolour fibre optic remote/direct reading gauges Electro Eye Hye: bicolour remote reading gauges Condensate recovery pumps Steam traps Jacoby-Tarbox: sight flow indicators

Nibco Valves
Ball Valves-bronze, steel and stainless steel; all configurations. Iron-body industrial butterfly valves. Iron and bronze gate, globe and check valves.

Ball Valves-Severe service; top-entry, all alloys, -320 to 1500 degrees F, pressure to ANSI class 1500. Diaphragm valves; all materials and configurations; on/off or control packages.

Ball Valves:Steel and stainless steel, end entry, three piece, double-union-end designs to 4500 psig. Gate, Globe and Check Valves:In-line check valves.

Valtaco Ball Valves
Three-piece valves in steel and stainless steel, standard and three-way.

Ball Valves: Plastic ball valves. Butterfly Valves: Plastic Butterfly Valves. Diaphragm Valves: Plastic Diaphragm Valves.

Posi-flate Butterfly Valves
Inflatable-seated valves for dry solids (pneumatic conveying) and slurries.

Sure Seal
Butterfly Valves.

Edward Valves
High pressure gate, globe and check valves.

Newco Valves
Gate, globe and check valves.

North Port Valves
Knife-gate and check valves.

Lubricated plug valves and accessories.

Pneumatic and Electric actuators, solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners and accessories.


Specialty Valve Automation Complete in-house machining, assembly and test facilites.