Luscar Ltd.

Address: 1600 - 10235 - 101 St NW
Oxford Tower
Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1

Mailling Address: 1600 - 10235 - 101 St NW
Oxford Tower
Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1

Phone: (780) 420-5810

Fax: (780) 420-5878

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Luscar Ltd.

Luscar Ltd. is the largest coal producer in Canada based on
tonnes produced, accounting for over half of all Canadian coal
production. We own and operate eight surface coal mines,
including one mine in which we have 50% ownership interest, and
we operate two surface coal mines under mining contracts with an
electric utility. Our predecessor began operations in 1911.
Currently we produce about 40 million tonnes of thermal coal for
electricity generation and industrial uses. Luscar has an
extensive reserve and resource base at its existing mine
operations as well as a vast amount of undeveloped coal
resources, all loacated in Western Canada.

We produce and sell both thermal coal primariy to Canadian
and foreign utilities for the generation of electricity. We
export about 3% of our production in the form of very low
sulphur, high volatile, bituminous thermal coal.

We also produce and sell products derived from our
coal resources including char, produced from lignite coal, which
is used for its high carbon and heat content in the barbecue
briquette industry and other industrial applications.

Luscar Ltd. is owned by Luscar Coal Ltd., which in turn is owned
by the Luscar Energy Partnersip (LEP). LEP is a general
partnership of wholly owned subsidiaries of each of Ontario
Teachers' Pension Plan Board and Sherritt International
Corporation. Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board is a
corporation established by legislation of the Province of
Ontario and is charged with administering the second largest
pension fund in Canada. Sherritt is a diversified natural
resources company that operates in Canada and internationally.
Sherritt's operations include nickel/cobalt mining and refining,
oil and gas exploration and production and electricity
generation, among other operations. Sherritt is a public
company listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the
symbol 'S'.

Company Details

Year Established: 1911

Total Sales ($CDN): $25,000,000 - $50,000,000

Number of Employees: 1600

Company Information

Deanna Horton
Title: Vice President, Investor Relations
Telephone: (780) 420-5810
Fax: (780) 420-5878


Coal, Lignite

Char / Not Activated
Char is produced by heating lignite in an oxygen reduced atmosphere. The resultant product has twice the heating value of lignite and is used in the barbeque briquette industry and other industrial applications.

Coal, Sub-bituminous
Low sulphur thermal coal used in electric power generation mainly in Alberta, Canada.

Coal, Bituminous, High Volatile
Very low sulphur (.25% - .5%) thermal coal used for electric power generation mainly in Canadian and Pacific Rim markets.