Legrow's Marine Ltd.

Address: 48 Leaman Dr.
Dartmouth, NS B3A 2K9

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 855
Dartmouth, NS B3A 2K9

Phone: (902) 465-4161

Fax: (902) 465-2879

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Legrow's Marine Services Ltd.

Worldwide experience in many areas of Sub Sea service including:

- Observation Class to 160 HP Work Class ROVs (Drilling Support,
Cable and Pipeline Burial/Survey)
- Remote Sensing Instrumentation (Side Scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom
Profiler, Magnetometer, Cable/Pipeline Detection Equipment)
- Pipeline/Cable EFI Including: Trenching, Burial; Shore End Lays
and Burials
- Diving Services - Basic Air to Mixed Gas Saturation
- Engineering and Fabrication Facilities
- Coastal Towing and Barge Capability

Company Details

Company Information

Willie Legrow
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (902) 465-4161
Fax: (902) 465-2873
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Mike Gregg
Title: Assistant to the President
Telephone: (902) 465-4184
Fax: (902) 465-2879
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Subsea Equipment/Services/Management

Diving Services And Equipment

Remotely Operated Vehicles (rovs)