Interpersonal Defense Systems

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Interpersonal Defense Systems

Personal Safety/Crime Avoidance Training.
Defensive Tactics Training.
Crisis Intervention Defensive Tactics.
Medieval Armouring.

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Jean Vaillancourt
Title: President
Telephone: (613) 302-9978
Fax: (613) 746-2940
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Highschool Self Defense Workshops


Corporate Personal Safety Workshops Various levels of on or off-site 3 1/2 hr sessions(English or French)educating the participants in safeguarding their individual safety. The first important lesson is the dispelling of dangerous myths regarding physical self defense techniques,weapons & personal safety devices. Crime avoidance/personal safety strategies are discussed through real life stories submitted and lessons learned. Attendees leave with a bilingual Safety Strategies Kit. Generally conducted for women but also available for male and coed groups.

Crisis Intervention Defensive Tactics Physical Defensive Tactics training for 'front-line' workers in fields such as social services, personal support, nursing, correctional services, police foundations, security, crisis intervention

Swordhandling Chivalrous Swordhandling! Train in the safe handling and fair useage of the Japanese Katana and/or European Broadsword. Although conducted at the Algonquin College Woodroffe Campus they are available as day long seminars for those interested. This is an ideal workshop for its fitness and discipline application, the aspiring drama student, or medieval and martial history enthusiast. They're regularly scheduled at Algonquin as a 16 hr program.

Medieval Knight Presentation For the Elementary schools: A truly dynamic and interactive 30 minute presentation showcasing the Medieval Knight of yesteryear. Bringing history to life. Give your students a day they will never forget! Dialogue from the presenter will focus on the 'how and why' of the medieval knight's armour, weapons, and training. Available for handling by the students will be child size armours of both chainmail & plate, a Viking shield, blunted steel (and wood) swords, a Roman cingulum & multiple chainmail pieces.