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Interalia Inc.

For the last 30 years, Interalia has lead the
design and manufacture of digital voice announcement systems for
the telecommunications, transportation and sound industries.
Headquartered in Canada, with subsidiary companies in the United
States, Great Britain and Australia, Interalia serves a wide
range of users through a worldwide network of strategic
representatives and distributors. There are over 75,000
installations in 58 countries around the world using our
products every day.

Interalia provides a full range of products for the call center,
customer site and Centrex services markets. Products include
music/marketing on-hold devices, interactive automated attendant, call routing/processing, voice messaging and audiotext solutions. We offer the widest variety of digital voice announcement
products in the telecommunication industry, and are the
industry standard for PABX ACD / UCD announcers.

Other products designed and manufactured by Interalia include
music / message on-hold systems, attendant overflow announcers,
call screeners weather broadcast systems, airline terminal information systems, and public address announcement

Interalia Productions, a division of Interalia Communications,
operates as a full service audio production facility providing script writing, music and message audio production and expertise.

Interalia transportation division sells on-board vehicle
announcement solutions and platform / public address
announcement systems specifically for the transportation sector. This includes on-board and terminal platform announcement systems, help point systems, train and bus displays and airline terminal solutions.

Interalia also provides contract manufacturing services for
companies requiring circuit board design and manufacturing.

In support of our world wide sales, most Interalia products meet
stringent standards approvals and are manufactured in an ISO
registered facility.

Interalia has also achieved ISO-9001:2000 Quality system registration.

Interalia has earned a reputation for manufacturing and engineering expertise, product reliability, comprehensive technical support and superior customer service.

Future Interalia products will include solutions for the IP telephony market, and voice recognition enabled automated attendant equipment.

1-6689 Fabre St.
Montreal, Qubec
H2G 2Z4

Company Details

Year Established: 1975

Total Sales ($CDN): $10,000,000 - $25,000,000

Number of Employees: 110

Company Information

Robert Cormack
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Fax: (403) 288-5935
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John Trester
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Fax: (403) 288-2706
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Travis Dickinson
Title: Representative
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Fax: (403) 288-5935
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Garth Hunter
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Area of Responsibility: Finance/Accounting
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Fax: (403) 288-5935
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Cliff Nywening
Title: Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 288-2706
Fax: (403) 288-5935
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Xmu+ Call Processing Digital Announcer

Voice Multi-purpose Announcer
The Voice is a sold digital announcer designed to provide high quality recorded messages for applications including ACD / UCD intercept, after hours, hotel wake-up and general public information announcements. . Models available: 2 message / 1 line or 2 message / 2 line . Up to 8 minutes of recording time . System call counts . 2 hour system operating battery backup . User configurable message-to-line assignments . Compatible with all major telephone systems . Dry contact start available . Remote access

Mmu2 Digital Voice Announcer
Interalias MMU2, SMU and DMU digital announcers are the recognized industry standard for all call centers requiring high quality ACD/UCD announcements. In addition to call center applications, these solutions are used for central office intercepts, hotel wake-up, and public information announcements. The MMU2, SMU and DMU announcers are available in four different models: the SMU (1 message/1 line), the DMU (2 messages/2 lines), the MMU2-4 (4 messages/4 lines) and the MMU2-6 (6 messages/6 lines). Message-to-line assignments can be configured to play a different message one each line, a single message to all lines, or any configuration in between. The messages may also be linked to play one after another (i.e. the same message in two languages). The MMU2, SMU and DMU feature DTMF call transfer. This enables them to perform a call transfer at the end of an announcement with a custom call transfer sequence programmed for each line. This feature is commonly used by customer service departments offering 24-hour service. For example, customers calling a claims department after normal business hours are routed to a night announcement where they are told to stay on the line if their claim is urgent. Upon completion of the announcement, the caller is then routed to the extension, or home of the claims adjuster on duty. The MMU2, SMU and DMU announcers can be equipped with up to 17 minutes of memory (in increments of 32 seconds). Messages can be recorded through a microphone or handset, remotely from a touch- tone phone, or downloaded through a tape deck. Other features include 2 hours of system operation on battery backup, and call count statistics. The SMU, DMU and MMU2 announcers are simple to install and operate. They are also compatible with all major telephone systems. - Choice of 1, 2, 4 or 6 channels - Up to 17 minutes of recording time - DTMF call transfer - Remote access recording - Call statistics - System operating battery backup - Solid-state design ensures reliable maintenance-free operation - Compatible with all major phone systems

Promoh Digital On-hold Announcer
One of the fastest growing application markets for digital announcers is the music / message on-hold industry. The proMOH is a digital on-hold announcer combining the benefits of both digital and tape systems. . Solid state design guarantees continuous maintenance-free operation . Up to 8 minutes of recording time . Built-in tape transport automatically downloads cassette to digital memory . Flash memory eliminates the need for battery backup . 600 ohm and 8 ohm audio outputs allows compatibility with any telephone system having a MOH interface . Adjustable volume, bass and treble controls . Optional after-hours announcement

Audio Production Services
Interalia Productions was established to provide the finest quality audio production services available in the digital announcement industry. Professional services offered by Interalia Productions include: . Full technical and creative support ranging from idea gathering and script development to choosing the proper voice talent and music to convey your message. . A custom demonstration line which allows you to choose both the professional voice talent and music for your production. . A state-of-the-art digital studio ensuring the highest quality production. . One of the largest CD libraries of licensed music in the industry from which to choose. Whether your need is for a custom music / message on-hold tape or professional announcements for your ACD, sequencer or answering machine, Interalia Production's goal is to provide you with the finest quality products and services available in the industry.

Paging Sequencer / Feedback Eliminator
The Paging Sequencer allows up to 5 pages to be recorded simultaneously. The frustrating delays encountered when accessing a paging system are thereby eliminated. The recorded pages are queued so that the first page recorded plays first followed by the second page etc. . Up to 5 pages may be recorded simultaneously . Pages may be verified before being played . Recorded pages play out on a F.I.F.O. basis . Emergency page override feature . Up to 17 minutes of recording time . 2 hour system operating battery backup

Storecaster In-store Pa / Telephone On-hold Messaging System
Interalia's Storecaster turns your in-store Public Address system or telephone music on-hold into a powerful marketing tool. The Storecaster can be used to introduce new products and services, advertise in-store promotions, reinforce company ad campaigns, and answer frequently asked questions. The Storecaster can also be used to insert messages into your existing overhead paging and/or music on-hold systems to promote new products, in-store promotions etc. . Interfaces with background music source . Up to 12 separate messages . 4 or 8 minutes of recording time . Programmable message intervals from 1 to 99 minutes . Memory backup during power failures . Simple to install and operate

Trouncer Transit Announcement System
Interalia's On Board Vehicle Announcement System is a solid state audio recording / reproduction system used to provide audio announcements on trains, subway systems, buses and other types of vehicles. The system also supports simultaneous visual display of standard or moving text signs. Interalia has developed a Voice Capture System that allows the user to capture (record), edit, and organize messages into files. The completed Voice Capture System files can then be down-loaded into the system using a PC. On Board announcements can be triggered using a variety of techniques such as contact closure, radio command or computer control. . Non-volatile Flash memory storage . Up to 540 Mbytes of storage capacity . High quality recording using *.wav files. . Controlled directly via a manual control panel or automatically using ASCII codes via an RS-232C control line . Messages can be updated using a laptop computer . Can be interfaced to a wide variety of sign systems to form a complete audio visual passenger information system.

Commander Platform Announcement System
Interalia's Platform Announcement System (the Commander) is a PC based digital announcement and message management system. The system comprises a PC computer and monitor with touch screen, mouse or trackball control and Windows based software. An industry standard sound card is used to deliver full audio spectrum speech, music on hold or sound effects. . Over 12 hours of message storage . 2 independent audio output channels . Sampling rates from 8 Ksps to 44 Ksps . Optional relay array available to control existing or new PA zone selections . User friendly software allows operators to easily combine specific messages to any zone or platform . Digital control option available which interfaces to existing PA controller via RS232/RS485

Atis Automatic Terminal Information System
Interalias Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS) is a solid-state audio recording system used at airports to transmit repetitive information to arriving and departing airplanes. It is ideal for new airport installations, or it can seamlessly integrate into existing airport facilities to replace an existing broadcast system. The ATIS system allows information such as: wind speed, visibility, air temperature, runway/navaid availability, wind direction and runway conditions to be updated as often as required, then continuously broadcasted 24 hours-a-day to approaching or departing planes via a transmitter. Up to 999 separate messages can be recorded on the ATIS system. Each message may be of any length as long as it is less than the total recording time installed. Messages can be recorded without interrupting the broadcast. There are five ways to record messages: direct from the ATIS handset, remotely over a telephone line, by ring-down directly connected to the ATIS, using air/ground voice switch integration or via TCP/IP. Outgoing messages are played continuously to the corresponding transmitter, however they can be updated as often as required. Personnel can record a new message, preview it, and re- record it (if necessary) before the message is sent to the transmitter. Staff can even record a new message remotely over a telephone line without physically being at the airport. The XMU+ can be utilized as a standalone unit or with a mirrored redundant hot standby unit. Advanced Features: - 1 or 2 transmitter outputs - 1 or 2 monitor outputs - Up to 999 separate messages - Ability to preview a message before transmission - From 8 minutes to 6 hours of recording time - FLASH-based memory for message backup - Easy message update/administration - Update messages without interrupting the audio feed to the transmitter Five ways to change messages: - Handset directly from control tower - Remote-ring down directly to ATIS - Remote access over telephone - Air/ground voice switch integration - TCP/IP - Reliable maintenance free operation - Ability to link messages for a continuous broadcast - Can be used at unstaffed airports - Optional remote administration via - Modem or TCP/IP network - Optional hot standby redundancy - Optional 4 PSTN lines Typical ATIS Users: - NAV CANADA - US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - US Air National Guard - US Air Force - Raytheon Corporation (Canada) - AERONAUTICA CIVIL (Colombia) - Royal Malaysian Air Force

Mwr Digital Weather Radio System
The MWR is a solid state digital recording and playback system designed to play out live or pre-recorded announcements to a transmitter and / or telephone line. Up to 5 outputs can be configured for transmitter or telephone line play out. Users of the MWR include Environment Canada, NOAA National Weather Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State Emergency Management Agencies. . Up to 6 audio outputs . Up to 17 minutes of recording time . Up to 30 separate messages . Live through-put for emergency announcements . 1050 Hz warning tone built-in . Built-in WRSAME interface . Remote message recording and system operations . 2 hour system operating battery backup

Owl Digital Alarm Dialer
The Interalia OWL Digital Alarm Dialer monitors remote or unattended sites and notifies personnel if an alarm is detected on equipment at the site. Personnel can then dial into the OWL to diagnose the situation and perform site administration. The OWL will dial up to 24 pre-programmed phone numbers and relay up to 10 pre-recorded messages to indicate the type of alarm detected.

Sla Single Line Announcer
The SLA (Single Line Announcer) provides high quality recorded messages for telephone applications including: ACD/UCD, DID intercept, after-hours, hotel wake-up and general public information announcements. The SLA can be equipped with either 1 or 4 minutes of recording time, with this time dynamically allocated between messages. Messages can either be recorded from a handset or downloaded directly from a tape deck. Up to 2 messages can be recorded on the SLA allowing the user to pre-record day and night/holiday messages, or multi-language messages. The user has complete control over what the caller hears because messages can be played individually, or linked to play one after another (i.e. the same message in two languages). As a solid-state digital announcer, the SLA is designed for continuous maintenance-free operation, using non-volatile FLASH memory to retain recorded messages during power interruptions without the need for battery backup. With the simple push of a button, an optional dry contact start enables the SLA to work with existing public address, and public service announcement systems. It is easy to install, and compatible with all major telephone systems. - 1 announcement channel - Up to 2 messages can be played separately or linked together - 1 or 4 minutes of total recording time - Non-volatile FLASH memory - Simultaneous play and record - Optional dry contact start - Compatible with all major telephone systems - Solid-state design ensures reliable maintenance-free operation

Frontline Voicemail With Unified Messaging
The telephone is often the front door to your company, and the way in which a call is received creates a lasting first impression. Vast amounts of money are spent on advertising to persuade potential clients to call, but often not enough money is invested to handle these calls when they arrive. The quick and efficient handling of incoming calls creates a professional image. Neglect this area and you risk seeing business go elsewhere. Interalias FrontLine system is a dependable and cost effective voicemail system with unified messaging. It may be just the thing you need to differentiate your business from the competition. FrontLine is a dependable and cost-effective voicemail platform. Its voicemail and automatic attendant functions are complemented by unified messaging capabilities, that allow the user to receive a sound file via email. FrontLine enhances the performance of your PBX and gives you the peace of mind that callers will be efficiently taken care of 24 hours a day. FrontLine provides a variety of management features that make it easy for administrators to: create mailboxes, record messages and modify parameters via a telephone. They can also change auto attendant messages, perform administration and make overall changes remotely over a telephone, built-in modem or optional LAN interface. Voicemail FrontLine incorporates a highly customizable voicemail system of up to 1000 confidential mailboxes. A variety of message notification methods are available and each mailbox owner is able to hear, erase and forward his/her messages from any DTMF phone. Users can also change the password and the mailbox greeting, or activate the Remote Notification or Do Not Disturb functions. Each mailbox allows for several personalized greeting messages which can be activated according to pre- programmed schedules and conditions. Unified Messaging With the TCP/IP option, FrontLine enables users to receive messages left in their voice mailboxes as .wav files attached to e-mails. They can listen to these messages from any PC using a standard media player or access enhanced features using the included Greco PC software. There are no royalty fees with Greco so you dont have to worry about software licensing. The software enables the user to turn off notification lamps, delete or forward messages and manage their mailbox via any PC. Users can even receive text messages via their mobile phone. The FrontLine system is compatible with all major e-mail systems, it is very simple to set up and appears on the network as a regular workstation sending e- mail.

Citytalk - The Talk Of The Town
When budget constraints limit the ability to deliver public services, Interalia's City Talk can help. City Talk offers an easy and reliable way to deliver public information to constituents by providing 24-hour access to City and County government communities. In addition to web sites and mailings, City Talk is becoming a very critical part of the communication strategy for City and County Government. What Is City Talk? City Talk is a device that answers telephone calls and plays pre- recorded messages to callers. It can offer a wealth of information to the public, ranging from general information to emergency messages within minutes of a disaster. Common Applications Include: l Council meeting schedules and locations l Parking restrictions l Employment listings l Parks and Recreation updates l Taxpayer information l Election/voting results l City and County services l Water restrictions l Emergency information Benefits: City Talk costs dramatically less than voicemail or IVR systems, and it disperses information in a friendly, easy to use manner. It ensures your information is always current and easy to access from any touch-tone telephone. City Talk will interface to existing Centrex lines or behind a PBX, answering up to 64 callers simultaneously per system. Voice Of The City: Each city department can record their own messages, or they can centralize, developing a 'voice of the city'. Interalia can even provide professional voice talent services to ensure the City Talk system sounds its' best. City Talk Users Include: - City of Minneapolis - Summit County, CO - The State of Iowa - New York State Governor's Office - The State of Florida - The U.S. Department of Defense

The Interalia iProMOH is an affordable and intelligent solution that solves all the typical problems associated with promotional on-hold and in-store announcement systems. It even automatically updates its own music and message files via the internet so youll know your files are always up-to-date. The new Interalia iProMOH is 2 solutions in one. It is a digital announcer that can entertain and inform on-hold callers and an in-store public address system for broadcasting music and/or messages to store patrons. The iProMOH allows on-hold callers and store patrons to listen to pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded music, blended music/messages, or messages cross-faded with music from an external source such as a live satellite feed, or internally stored music bed. On-Hold Announcements: The iProMOH can play messages and/or music to callers that are put on-hold. It can entertain callers and provide information on new products, advertising and frequently asked questions. In-Store Announcements: The iProMOH turns an in-store public address system into a powerful marketing tool by playing background music for store patrons, introducing products or services, promoting store campaigns, reinforcing company advertising and answering frequently asked questions. Content Administration Software: iProMOHs receive their updated music and message files from the iProMOH Content Administration Software (iCAS). This software can be hosted on a Windows 2000 or XP workstation that on a local LAN, or an external server elsewhere. One host can easily update the same message(s) into one, or multiple iProMOH units at the same time. iProMOH Initiated Updates: The iProMOH is so intelligent it uses pull technology to update its music and message files by automatically calling out over an internet connection to a host web server at scheduled intervals. It then downloads new files directly from the host into itself. Messages can be downloaded weeks or months in advance, and held until the appropriate date when they are automatically played. Host Initiated Updates: Using push technology, administrators can tell the iProMOH to initiate a download from the iCAS host. This is used when corporate offices want to have precise control over when their iProMOHs are updated, such as to coordinate store campaigns, or manage LAN traffic. What Makes The iProMOH Unique? There are a lot of things that make the iProMOH unique. First, the iProMOH uses pull technology to request downloads from the host. Second, a standard web protocol is used to send messages to the iProMOH so firewalls are not an issue. Third, technical staff are not required to install messages. Fourth, a variety of audio file formats are supported. Fifth, administrators can initiate downloads from the iCAS host, and last but not least, the iProMOH smoothly cross fades between seperate music and messages, enabling the user to change the voice-over prompts without having to change the music and vice-versa.


Contract Manufacturing Services Interalia provides contract manufacturing services to companies requiring a source for manufactured circuit board design and production.