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Intellectum Plus Inc. is a pioneer in the leading edge of
Educational Software Technology. We perform the research, design
and development of advanced teaching/learning methods and
software products for Math and Science education and Computer
Based Training (CBT). We embed Artificial Intelligence (AI)
concepts, Object Oriented Methodologies (OOM), and Multimedia
elements in all our products. We also design and develop
'the best in class curricula' based on the extensive research
done on the European and North American education systems. We
recognized by teachers as designing the best Interactive
Problem-Solving technology.

Product Line Description:
PhysicaElementa, a highly interactive environment, is a
collection of teaching/learning tools with a common Graphical
User Interface (GUI) which addresses elementary Physics within
the realm of Mechanics, Heat and Temperature, Electricity and
Magnetism, and Light and Optics suitable for students in grades
6 to 12.

Just recently, PhysicaElementa has received very substantial
recognition. We're very pleased to be included in the 1999-2000
edition of Only the Best: 'The Annual Guide to the Highest-Rated
Educational Software and Multimedia' and in the 2000 edition of
the Educational Software Preview Guide (ESPG): 'the creme de la
creme of effective, educational software'.

Interactive Problem Solving, Physics, CD-ROM, Language English.
The following nineteen titles of this collection are available
for Windows (age 12 and up) in two versions, Home and School:

1) Measurements and Units CD-ROMISBN 1-894259-08-4
2) Physical QuantitiesCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-09-2
3) Physical PhenomenaCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-10-6
4) States of MatterCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-11-4
5) Rest and MotionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-13-0
6) Force CD-ROMISBN 1-894259-14-9
7) The World of PhysicsCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-12-2
8) Velocity and AccelerationCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-00-9
9) Force Addition & SubtractionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-01-7
10)Force and MotionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-02-5
11)Free FallCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-03-3
12)FrictionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-04-1
13)The First Law of DynamicsCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-15-7
14)The Second Law of DynamicsCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-16-5
15)The Third Law of DynamicsCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-17-3
16)The Laws of DynamicsCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-18-1
17)Circular MotionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-19-X
18)Harmonic MotionCD-ROMISBN 1-894259-20-3
19)Applic. of the Laws of Dynam.CD-ROMISBN 1-894259-21-1

For more details, please visit the products section of our web
site at:

It should be mentioned that the PhysicaElementa Collection is
highly recommended by the National Science Teachers'
Science Teachers' Association of Ontario, Technology Connection,
and the Ministry of Education of Manitoba.
For more details please see:

a) The Science Teacher - September 1998, page 96
b) The Book Report/Tech. Connection - September/October 1998,
page 88
c) CRUCIBLE - Volume 29 - September 1997, page 28
d) MTBB - Manitoba Multimedia Learning Resource Catalog 1997/98

At this time, this collection is distributed to schools across
Canada, US, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong by network of
distributors/re-sellers. For more details please check web site.

Company Details

Year Established: 1994

Number of Employees: 4

Company Information

Ioan Trif
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (613) 745-9490
Fax: (613) 745-1623
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Nick Trif
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (613) 745-9490
Fax: (613) 745-1623
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Mihai Constantinescu
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (613) 745-9490
Fax: (613) 745-1623
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Product Line: Physicaelementa Collection

Customized Math And Science Curriculum Design And Development To Be Attached To Our Core Technology

License Of Our Interactive Problem Solving Based Technology
If the Ministry of Education of a country, state, or province wants a specific curricula (content) to be attached to our engine and then get a license for its use in their jurisdiction - THIS IS AVAILABLE. Contact us with your specific requirements.