ICA Associs Inc.

Address: 2289, rue Hogan
Montreal, QC H2K 2T3

Mailling Address: C.P. 88525
2600 Ontario E
Montreal, QC H2K 4S9

Phone: (514) 521-0044

Toll Free: 1(877) 251-2422

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Website: http://www.ica-associes.ca

ICA Associs Inc.

ICA Associates Inc. is a unique facilitation and training organization providing effective participatory skills to thousands of people across Canada. ICA Associates Inc. and its affiliate organizations have 40 years of experience in 36 nations. ICA Associates Inc. is on the leading edge of change and consistently delivers quality programs to hundreds of communities and organizations.

Our mission is to enhance people's capacity to participate in the creation of a more human world through:
Training in group facilitation and leadership methods
Facilitating community and organizational development

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Renaud Houzeau De Lehaie
Title: Director
Telephone: (514) 521-0044
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