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ICAN College of Computer Business and Healthcare

MICAN Business College, a private career college offering
recognized diploma programs. We are focused on providing
healthcare training. All of our courses offer the latest
software applications, Professional Interpersonal Skills, and on-
the-job work placements.

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Telephone: (613) 224-6211
Fax: (613) 224-2739
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Computer Applications Program

Medical/Dental Office Administration This six-month diploma program integrates all aspects of medical & dental office administration with a variety of software applications. The student will become knowledgeable in human anatomy and its proper terminologies in order to produce medical reports and other related correspondence in a computerized environment. This program includes business communication courses. Career planning and job search is also covered. A eight-week on-the-job work placement concludes the program of study.

Professional Sales And Marketing Automation The student will gain an understanding of the sales and marketing fields as well as customer service excellence utilizing current information technology and software applications. With the knowledge and skills acquired, the student can: Obtain an in-depth understanding of sales management and selling techniques. Understand the role of marketing in the overall management of business. Provide excellence in customer service care through applied problem solving steps. Understand communication theory and tools, as it relates to a sales and marketing environment. Comprehend principles of HTML web page design. Work in an automated office using the latest software applications. A four-week work placement concludes the program of study.

Personal Support Worker Trainded in basic nursing, first aid, psychology, palliative care and so on, the PSW is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after of the medical professionals. Course modules include : Professional Interpersonal / Soft Skills; Individuality of the Person and the Role of the Personal Support Worker; Medical Terminology; Anatomy; Abuse; Safety; Techniques and Issues when Assisting the Mobility Impaired; Household Management and Nutrition; Cognitive Impaired and Mental Health Issues; Providing Optimal Support and Care Planning; Assisting the Person to Manage Ongoing Conditions; Assisting with Medication; Assisting the Terminally Ill Person; CPR/First Aid; Review & Exam Prep. This program runs for 12 weeks plus an 8 week work placement for a total of 20 weeks.

Medical Lab Assistant (bridging Program) Medical/Dental Office Administration Diploma Program This diploma prepares the student for work in a number of different areas within the medical community. If you are entering into the medical field for the first time or have work experience you will find that with your newly acquired skills you will be a valuable asset in a variety of areas. You can work in ; physicians office, dental office, walk-in clinics, chiropractors office; hospital; nursing and retirement homes; just to name a few. Course Modules include : Anatomy and Physiology; Medical Terminology; Administrative Procedures; Medical Transcription; Venipuncture; CPR Certification; Introduction to Computers; Windows, MSWord, Excel; MD4000 (OHIP Billing & Appointment System); Dental Software; Introduction to the Internet; Keyboarding; Professional Interpersonal Skills; and Job Search. This program runs for 15 weeks plu and 8-week work placement for a total of 23 Weeks.

Phlebotomy Diploma Program This program prepares the student for work in a blood drawing laboratory, or station, either in the private sector or in a hospital setting. Just 20 weeks to become a respected member of the health care team! This course can provide a new career for people who have had little, or no experience either in the medical field or the job market in general. Employment opportunities are available to students who complete their studies in this field, as attested to by the high demand in this area. This course starts from the most basic concepts and will prepare the students to find work in a profession that they can be proud of. Individuals will be trained in all aspects of blood drawing, specimen collection and specimen handling. ECGs and pulmonary functions. Students will also be taught basic office skills that will be transferable to other settings. Skills such as keyboarding, telephone etiquette, message taking, booking appointments and filing. This profession would suit and individual who likes a fast paced work environment, who pays attention to detail, and likes dealing with people. Course Modules include : Introduction to Computers; Windows, Word; Keyboarding; Administrative Procedures; Anatomy; Medical Terminology; Venipuncture/Phlebotomy; ECGs, Pulmonary Functions, Safety, Medical Requisition; Professional Interpersonal Skills; Job Search; Resume Writing; and Work Placement. This program runs for 12 weeks plu and 8-week work placement for a total of 20 Weeks.

Ward Clerk Have you always wanted to work in a medical setting but werent sure that you could handle direct patient care? A career as a Ward Clerk is exciting, fast paced, and varied and lets you contribute to the health care team. Upon completion of the program you will be able to work as a Ward Clerk in an hospital or nursing home setting. Availability for 2 shifts (7 a.m. - 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.) is a must. You will liaise with patients, families, visitors and members of the health care team; arrange diagnostic testing; process doctors orders; answer telephone inquiries and coordinate admissions, transfers and discharge responsibilities, while respecting confidentiality. Course modules include: Role of the Ward Clerk and other Health Care Workers; Communication Skills; Confidentiality; Safety; Medical Terminology; Medical Forms; Processing Forms; Laboratory Tests; Diagnostic Tests; Surgical Procedures; Admissions/Transfers/Discharge; and Pharmacology This program runs for 4 weeks plus a 2 week work placement for a total of 6 weeks.