IBM Canada Ltd.

Address: 3600 Steeles Ave. E.
Markham, ON L3R 9Z7

Mailling Address: 3600 Steeles Ave. E.
Markham, ON L3R 9Z7

Phone: (905) 316-5000

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IBM Canada Ltd.

IBM Canada Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced information
technology products and services. As a technology-based
solutions company, IBM is dedicated to helping its customers
solve their business problems, pursue new market opportunities
and become more productive through the innovative application of
e-business and Internet technology.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, IBM was established in Canada in 1917 and has sales locations in major cities across Canada. The company is the largest IT and Services organization in Canada and has world-renown capabilities in software development with the country's largest lab located in Toronto and a state-of-the-art Lab in Otttawa. IBM is a leading chip innovator and a global manufacturer . The company's Bromont, Quebec manufacturingi plant has evolved during the past 29 years from an assembly plant to a centre of competency in the engineering of assembly and packaging technologies for microelectronic components. With investments from IBM totaling close to one billion dollars since 1972, the Bromont facility has become one of Canada's largest technology providers.

IBM Canada also has three e-business Innovation Centres in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver which offers a complete suite of interactive services, from brand integration and channel strategy to application development including creative design and usability engineering. It also has three call centres in Montreal, Toronto and St. John employing 1,200 professionals with 91 different languages spoken. And the company has a network of more than 3,000 authorized dealers, allied companies, distributors, remarketers and business partners who help deliver IBM solutions to our customers every day. In turn, they contribute millions of dollars to Canadas economy every year.

IBM is one of Canada's largest IT exporters ($1.5B 2003); and one of the top Canadian R&D investors - $2.5 billion invested over the past decade and $322.4 million in 2003. We employe 20,199 full-time and part-time employees; hired 1,780 new employees in 2003 and employ 644 Students.

IBM Canada is one of Canadas leading corporate citizens. IBM employees and retirees personally contributed $3.3M through the Employee Charitable Fund and the company donated $2.2M in cash & technology grants, with contributions of more than $500K to 175 charities through IBMs Matching Grants Program. . Other programs include the donation of used equipment to K-12 schools; services and technology grants to K-12 school boards; partnership with iSisters to provide technology learning opportunities for unemployed or underemployed Inuit women in Ottawa; and several sponsorships including Junior Team Canada, a program dedicated to providing youth (ages 16-25) with the skills, experience and knowledge needed to support their career development.

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