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Haul-All Equipment Ltd.

Haul-All Equipment specializes in the design and manufacture of
waste and recycling systems including storage containers,
collection vehicles and transfer vehicles. Sub-sectors: Waste, recyclable & compost containerization, collection and transfer.

Products: Containers for waste, recyclables and compost; animal-proof containers; collection/compaction bodies for refuse, recyclables and compost; modular transfer stations.

Company Description: Haul-All Equipment Ltd., has historical roots going back over 60 years in Southern Alberta. They have been designing and manufacturing side-loading collection vehicles for over 25
years. In fact, Haul-All manufactured equipment is so durable, it fetches some of the highest re-sale values in the industry. Today, Haul-All manufactures a complete line of material
management equipment for the containerization, collection and transfer of waste, recyclables and compost.

Containerization equipment includes the Hid-A-Bag, a stand-alone container that ranges in size from 30-130 gallons (120-500L) and the Hyd-A-Way, a self-tipping container that
ranges in size from 4-6 yard3 (3-4.5m3). All containers are available in a single compartment design to collect refuse, recyclables or compost, or a double compartment design to collect a
combination of materials.

Collection equipment includes a full line of multi-purpose side loading collection vehicles for single or multi-stream collection, with variable or high compaction capabilities depending
on collection needs. Vehicle options that increase utility include:

The Litter-Loder: a power vacuum attachment used for green waste or litter;

The RecyclVac: a vacuum that pre-crushes recyclables and is ideal for collecting bunkered material;

The Utility Cabinet: for the lockable storage of tools or cleaning supplies;

The Pressure Washer: for cleaning collection bins, road-way signs or park benches; cart and barrel dumpers that eliminate the hazzards of manual collection and improve
collection efficiency;

The Chipper Door: ideal for collecting material from a green waste chipper; and

The Snow Plow: ideal for maximizing seasonal use of municipal equipment. (See Haul-All Recycling Technology.)

Transfer equipment includes the Transtor for urban, rural or regional transfer of waste, compost and recyclables. (See Haul-All Transfer technology.)

Haul-All's objectives are to provide innovative solutions for your local solid waste and recyclable collection and transfer needs, as well as cost effective solutions that respond to the
size of the local market and are not limited to major cities.

Haul-All has a well established research and development department dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the problems of waste and recycling management that will continue
to set industry standards around the world.

Current Geographic Marketing Activity: Haul-All has revolutionised the industry in terms of convenience, efficiency, flexibility, and diversion. In doing so, they have taken an
aggressive, proactive stance to marketing both domestically and internationally. They have distributors across Canada, and are well represented in the United States. The company is
forecasting a 30% growth rate per annum for the US market. Overseas, they are currently developing business in a number of developing nations along the Pacific Rim, South America
and the Caribbean.

In areas where volumes warrant, licensing and distribution agreements will be considered on a case by case basis.

Company Details

Year Established: 1985

Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 - $1,000,000

Number of Employees: 120

Company Information

C. Kelly Philipp
Title: Controller
Telephone: (403) 328-7788
Fax: (403) 328-9956
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Susan Bailey
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 328-7719
Fax: (403) 328-9956
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Dennis Neufeldt
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive, Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 328-7788
Fax: (403) 328-9956
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Environmental Products And Services

The Haul-all Collection System
An economic study published in Resource Recycling (November 1999) states that, 'whether your objective is maximizing diversion of running a cost effective recycling program, a well implemented drop-off program can yield the best economic results.' The equipment used for the economic study was designed and manufactured by Haul-All. Recognizing the volatile market for recyclables, Haul-All designed an operationally successful program by controlling collection costs without sacrificing service levels. The Haul-All Recycling System has all the advantages of a curbside program, including high diversion and user convenience, at savings up to 70%. Key features of the Haul-All System are: aesthetic, user friendly containers, strategically located to maximize convenience and awareness; flexible routing that maximizes vehicle and container utilization; light weight compaction bodies that use simple hydraulics, maximizing payload capacity; and high compaction collection vehicles for bulky light weight material. These features lead to high material quality and volumes. Independent research has shown that aesthetic, user friendly containers are the key to a successful depot recycling program. Containers must be distinctive from a trash can, allowing placement in high profile locations. Crude containers placed in high-profile locations are an eye-sore that people prefer to ignore or mistake for garbage containers. Also, mall owners have a preference for aesthetic, well-maintained containers that have a positive impact on traffic flow. User friendly containers are considered to have a low loading height with customized openings. Recycling must be fun for participants of all ages, and access holes that are out of reach discourage use. Since children are some of the most conscientious participants and many communities demand handicap access, containers should have a maximum loading height of 42 inches (1060 mm). Haul-All containers have a maximum loading height of 39 inches (990 mm.) As well, customized openings encourage the correct separation of materials which is one of the keys to operating efficiency. In addition, the Haul-All Recycling System allows contracted service with control. Using city-owned containers, a municipality can invite competitive bidding from the private sector without yielding control of the program. This can provide the best blend of service quality with cost-effective collection while maintaining a level of consistency often lacking in 100 percent privately run programs.

The Transtor System For Urban, Rural And Regional Transfer
Cost-effective transfer of waste and/or recyclables is achieved using the TRANSTOR System for Urban or Rural Transfer. The TRANSTOR System is well used and has proven to be competitively successful for over 15 years. Operating savings of up to 50% are achieved through: flexible routing that maximizes trailer utilization; and fast turn around times. The TRANSTOR System is a modular transfer station serviced by a transfer trailer. The TRANSTOR is a self-tipping hopper that can transfer up to 52 cu yards (40 cu metres) of material in 45 seconds. This rapid transfer eliminates the down time associated with push pit and compactor transfer stations, increasing trailer utilization and reducing operating costs. In additional, the Transtor can load any open top or compacting trailer making it fully compatible with existing push pit transfer stations. This allows low cost expansion when regional expansion strategies are implemented or existing transfer stations become over utilized. The TRANSTOR is available in two sizes, 40 yard3 and 52 yard3 (31m3 and 40m3). The dual lid system includes a main for accepting material from any size/type of collection vehicle, and a chute in the main lid for single user drop-off. A complete TRANSTOR System can be as simple as one (1) Transtor to service a rural area that is integrated into a regional collection network, or as large as twelve (12) units to form an urban support system. System flexibility is achieved by its modular design which allows for easy expansion and the collection of separate materials. The TRANSTOR does not require on-site power or loading equipment. The TRANSTOR facilitates reliable storage with a low capital requirement. The animal proof design eliminates the cost of buildings and utilities. For municipalities that prefer a building at all transfer stations sites, the Transtor system can still achieve capital and operational savings compared to loader operated transfer stations. In addition, the design minimizes grade separation, and site development costs are significantly reduced with pre-engineered site plans. The Transtor can be assembled and operational within 48 hours of delivery.

A durable, animal proof and aesthetic stand alone container for the collection of waste, recyclables or both. Constructed using galvanneal steel panels and stainless steel hinges. Flexible design allows for the collection of waste, recyclables or a combination of both with specially designed openings to help separate material streams and minimalized contamination. Rear opening with slide out bag minimizes lifting while allowing easy cleaning and disinfecting. Rear door can have controlled access with optional keylock.