Gen X Trading Inc.

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Oakville, ON L6M 2P9

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Gen X Trading Inc.

Our organization's main interest is in the area of human and animal feed ingredients. The company has a Canadian as well as international scope. Our superior reputation for delivering excellent products to our clients has been instrumental to our success. We trade and promote various different commodities from regions and plants across Canada and the world. We firmly believe that our control measures will provide you with superior products time after time.

Company Details

Year Established: 2004

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Company Information

Puneet Bhalla
Title: President
Telephone: (905) 469-4510
Fax: (647) 477-6109
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Meat And Bone Meal

Blood is a byproduct of meat rendering operations. Blood is then processed and dried to produce blood meal. Whole blood from slaughterhouses containing 16 to 18% total protein solids is processed and dried to recover protein as blood meal. Blood meal has high lysine content and exhibits rumen bypass properties.

Feather Meal
Feathers are a byproduct from the rendering of poultry for human consumption. Feather meal is produced by hydrolization of clean, undecomposed feathers. Feather meal contains 85% crude protein, which is degraded very slowly in the rumen. Feather meal is low in lysine and methionine, but high in cysteine, which may substitute for methionine in milk production.

Tallow (animal Fat)
Inedible raw materials are rendered into 3 different products: Protein Meals, Fats and water. The meals and fats are sold into various markets, whereas, the water is treated and reused. On average about 40% of a cow, pig or poultry is considered inedible. Of this inedible material about 60% is water, 20% is fat and 20% is protein and minerals. Fats are categorized based on the material it is made from; for example poultry fat is made from inedible material from chickens and turkeys. Fats can further be divided based on the characteristics of the specific fat. We supply 6 different types of fats, which are: Bleachable fancy tallow, special tallow, yellow grease, poultry fat, chicken fat and choice white grease.

Protein Concentrate
A high quality soy protein concentrate specially designed for the aquaculture industry. The unique Soycomil production process makes the soy protein highly digestible by inactivating the anti nutritional factors and removing the soluble carbohydrates. Soycomil FG has no negative effect on faecal dry matter content. The low ash and phosphorus content, the absence of biogenic amines and the excellent pelleting characteristics make Soycomil FG an ideal raw material for shrimp and salomid diets. Soycomil FG is a finely ground powder.

Porcine Meal

Poultry Meal

All Types Of Lentils And Seeds
Chick Peas, Mustard seeds, Sunflower seeds, Canary seeds, Seasme seed, Canola seed, Rapeseed, Peas, Beans, Wheat, Soyabean

Pp Bags (hdpe And Ldpe)
High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene woven sacks