Frost Outfitters Ltd

Mailling Address: 100-206 Parkhurst Blvd
East York, ON M4G 2G3

Phone: (416) 424-2493

Fax: (416) 424-3126

Frost Outfitters Ltd

Frost Outfitters is a Canadian company based out of Toronto, Ontario. We manufacture apparel/access for many brands in North America. Our factory is located in Toronto - faster delivery times and NAFTA friendly goods for the U.S market and Pakistan for larger quantity -price driven items.

Company Details

Year Established: 2004

Total Sales ($CDN): $200,000 - $500,000

Number of Employees: 3

Company Information

John Marshall Turnbull
Title: Owner
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (416) 424-2493
Fax: (416) 424-3126


Articles Of Leather

Cotton used for apparel manufacturing, ie. fleece - sweatshirt, 3 button, fullzip and t-shirt.

Art Of Apparel
Knitted material used for golf shirt, t-shirt, henley, L/S polo and nylon jackets, spring and fall.

Apparel And Accessories
Casual/sport clothing:outerwear-unisex teamwear inflatables gloves-all seasons