Fafard Peat Moss

Address: 422 Pallot Rd.
Inkerman, NB E8P 1B5

Mailling Address: 422 Pallot Rd.
Inkerman, NB E8P 1B5

Phone: (506) 955-3098

Toll Free: (800) 732-8667

Fax: (506) 336-9300

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Website: http://www.fafard.com

Fafard Peat Moss

An important producer and manufacturer of peat moss and peat
based growing mixes and along with other by-products for
professional growers and the retail market.

The first bog was opened in Shippagan in 1942 and subsequently
other bogs were opened in Inkerman and Inkerman-Ferry. More
recently bogs were opened in St. Paul in Kent County, and Burnt

The first producer to introduce criteria for the quality of it's
products by enhancing the cleanliness of the screening process
and by standardizing the quantity and quality of the produce
entering each bag. These strict rules have contributed to
building the reputation of the Fafard name and to develop the
American, Mexican and Japanese markets.

In 1987, we invested in the expansion of perlite and vermiculite
for the production of growing mixes while simultaneously
building the most modern growing mix plant.

In 1990, the company started selling in Mexico through local
distributors. Sales increased since 1990

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William Gilligan
Title: Sales Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (413) 786-4343
Fax: (413) 789-3428
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Peat Moss (processed, Baled Or Concentrated)

Peat Moss, Growing Mixes, Domestic Use