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Eagle Specialized Coatings And Protected Environments

Western North American Distributor for SUPERTHERM. Super Therm ceramic insulation coating is an actual insulation RE19 and not just a reflective paint. Other areas of expertise include Thermal, Fire, Corrosion, Waterproofing, Concrete and Graffiti control.

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Year Established: 1979

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D. W. ( Doug ) Pearce
Title: President
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Super Therm Multi~ceramic Insulation Coating

Rust Grip Rust And Biohazard Encapsulation
RUSTGRIP is a one-part polyurethane coating that combines with atmospheric moisture to cure. Upon curing, RUSTGRIP provides a protective coating of superior adhesion, flexibility and abrasion \ impact resistance. It is resistant to chemical solvents and acid splash. Originally designed for metal surfaces, RUSTGRIP demonstrates excellent adhesion to wood, concrete, fiberglass and many other substrates. RUSTGRIP is designed for the encapsulation of and adherence to tightly bonded surfaces of lead based and other toxic paints and materials as well as rusted surfaces. This unique ability is accomplished by the curing mechanism of the base polymer. The coating ( having a low initial viscosity ) wets the rusty surface, then penetrates to the foundation of the rust's origin where curing begins. RUSTGRIP actually becomes part of the substrate unlike a surface coating which just bonds on top. The polymer literally begins to swell, developing an interlocking network between the pores of the surface and the coating. RUSTGRIP is highly recommended as a primer coat for SUPERTHERM. No pot life, no catalyzation, no two-part mixing. RUSTGRIP is not a sacrificial rust inhibitor such as a zinc enriched primer that will wear out over time but in fact a permanent rust proofing which is why it is a certified ( ASTM E1795 ) Biohazard Encapsulator. RUSTGRIP has also passed 2000 hours of salt spray testing which are marine specifications and consequently has achieved DNV certification. Can substitute for zinc-rich primer requiring no white sandblasting. Can be applied over rusted surfaces after loose \ flaking material is removed.

Sp2001f 1-3 Hour Fire Resistance Rating
SP2001F is a unique blend of eight different ceramic compounds offering a 1-3 Hour Fire Resistance Rating. SP2001F is an extremely versatile high temperature insulation and fire protection coating that offers itself to uses across all industrial, commercial and residential boundaries. The fact that it is easy to apply, water based, nontoxic and remains flexible until used, makes this coating a promising choice for those with high temperature, insulation and fire protection needs.

Refractory Coating
REFRACTORY COATING THE HIGH TEMPERATURE INSULATION COATING PROVEN TO SAVE BETTER THAN 35% OF FUEL CONSUMPTION ON HIGH TEMPERATURE SURFACES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: REFRACTORY COATING is a design of several specially formulated resins and additives created to provide a base that is flexible enough to withstand severe climate changes, as well as severe heat peaks without loss of adhesion. RC is a similar formula to that used in the SP2001F except that it does not contain a char enhancer. The eight different ceramics offer insulation against extreme heat. This hardness gives additional shielding from heat, gases and abuse. RC is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 2000F. RC resembles a thick house paint that is applied in various simple methods. It does not swell and become fragile in the burn process like intumescent coatings but instead is a pliable film that reacts to heat. It does char on the surface to provide a seal to stop the heat, fire, smoke and gases. It only chars when in direct contact with the fire. The ceramics harden and form a heat block to stop the migration of heat. It is not affected by humidity or water and fights the appearance of condensation on its surface by the reaction of the ceramics. It is a natural corrosion, fungus / mildew resistant coating. This type of insulation is new and revolutionary for this industry, and can be used for hot pipe or other hot surfaces.Superior Products International has been experimenting with and developing the uses of 'insulation and fire protection' ceramics for over 10 years. This category of ceramic functionality is new to the engineering fields. Only in recent years has the idea of insulation been associated with this new breed of ceramics. Superior Products International began in the late 1980's to set up an extensive R&D procedure to gather ceramic compounds from all areas of the world for testing. Superior Products International knew that this area had not been thoroughly explored before, nor had any extensive documentation been presented for this application. In contrast, many articles and studies have been devoted to the abrasion resistant ceramic compounds and how they can be used in manufacturing and industrial markets. Insulative ceramics are completely different and separate from those used for abrasion resistance. As noted in this category, no extensive studies have been performed to determine which ceramic compounds, either natural or manmade would be best suited for eliminating heat transfer. Some studies have acknowledged the 'reflection' of heat by mere radiation of sunlight, but since very limited study has been performed, it was thought that reflection was all that this new category of ceramic could provide. Superior Products International initially worked in the early 1990's with the aid of Marshall Space Center Laboratories, and it was discovered that no real research had been performed across the broad spectrum of possible ceramic compounds in order to determine the scope of ceramics stopping or slowing 'heat conduction' rather than merely radiant heat reflection. It was also decided that Superior Products International would continue the R&D work over the next several years to discover the possibilities of this new design of ceramics. An extensive search was organized and begun to locate all possible types of ceramics compounds in the world market for trial-and-error testing. A system was designed to take each compound through a series of heat conduction tests to find its ability to stop heat conduction. More than 1,000 compounds were received and tested. From this R&D period, eight different compounds were identified as having the ability not only to catch and throw heat away from their surfaces in a manner similar to reflection but also to control heat conduction.s in a manner similar to reflection but also to control heat conduction.

Inner Seal Permanent Concrete Remediation And Protection
INNER SEAL is a water borne sealant \ preservative specifically for conditioning concrete structures to solve the damaging problems caused by water, freeze \ thaw, acids, caustics, bacteria, salt erosion, oils, juice penetration, ' toxic black mold ', algae, mammal excrement, and other such pollutants. It solves problems resulting from dusting, algae formation, soft concrete, loss of strength, spalling, sulfate and nitrate degradation, saponification ( causes vinyl tiles, paint, polyurethane and epoxy coatings to peel off ) or simple efflorescence ( ordinary concrete disintegration ). Used to seal concrete flooring, walls, blocks, pipes or other concrete substrates. The Ultimate For Concrete Sealing & Restoration, Preserves The Life of Concrete in High Moisture, High Corrosion Areas by Preventing the Concrete from Deteriorating, Tightens Old Weathered Concrete, Seals And Preserves Weathering Concrete from Acid Rain, Pollution, Freeze \ Thaw Cycles, Repels Mold and Algae growth and Enhances Bonding of Repairs, Paint and Floor coatings or mastics. INNER SEAL Retains the Natural Non-slip Surface of Concrete Stops Concrete Dusting or chalking Stops mold and algae growth Allows For Low Maintenance Cleaning Aids Concrete Curing Retards Capillary Seepage Stops Alkali Problems Aids the Floor Covering Trade Aids the Paint Trade Stops Wall Sweating Problems Prevents Radon Transmission INNER SEAL is ideal for: Waterproofing basements, sewage plants, elevator shafts, cisterns, sealing patios and pools, zoos and hatcheries, plant floors, sidewalks and driveways, silos, parking decks, roadways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, kennels, granaries, fertilizer facilities, curbs, gutters, etc.

Moist Metal Grip
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MOIST METAL GRIP is a tough adherent, 2 component Epoxy coating, which produces a hard, yet flexible coating film. These epoxy products will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent resistance when utilized in harsh atmospheres and will also provide outstanding water and humidity resistance. These coatings will adhere tenaciously to a variety of substrates, such as carbon steel ( phosphated or non-phosphated ), wood, and concrete. These products can be utilized in DTM ( direct-to- metal ) applications, with excellent success, as they have been fortified with a very efficient, nontoxic, rust inhibitive pigment.

Enamo Grip - Graffiti Proof Coating
ENAMOGRIP ANTI GRAFFITI TOUGH COATING FOR LOW MAINTENANCE ON ALL SURFACES available in 650 COLOURS or CLEAR in HIGH GLOSS or LOW LUSTRE. ENAMOGRIP is a tough, medium speed, moisture curing, two component polyurethane enamel, which produces a uniquely hard and durable coating film. ENAMOGRIP will demonstrate unsurpassed semi gloss retention, color retention, and chalk resistance, when utilized for exterior coating situations. ENAMOGRIP will provide outstanding resistance to water and humidity, stains, chemicals, and solvents, as well as tremendous scuff, mar, and impact resistance. Ideal for use on bridges applied over RUST GRIP or by itself for complete encapsulation of the metal, providing protection from rust and corrosion for a minimum of 20 years in normal circumstances. Resistant to hail damage and similar abuses that create opportunities for rust and corrosion. Completely UV- controlled and weather resistant. ENAMOGRIP is a self leveling formula for an outstanding finish. ENAMOGRIP can be used on flooring for a tough, long wearing surface but precise measures must be taken to insure a completely clean surface free from moisture and residues to adhere to. In summary, the overall toughness, durability, and weather resistance of ENAMOGRIP polyurethane enamels, make them the ideal choice for demanding product applications for architectural maintenance situations that require the utmost in exterior durability. ENAMOGRIP is an ambient/slow moisture-cure coating. GRAFFITI PROOF RESISTANCE: After ENAMOGRIP has been applied and allowed to cure for at least 24 hours, applications of 'Krylon' spray paint, Magic Markers, etc. can be wiped off conpletely with Superior's specially-blended graffiti cleaner. The color white may show a slight shadow but all dark colors are completely clear of graffiti markings. ENAMOGRIP can withstand years of graffiti removal as it is not affected by solvents and does not breathe to allow spray paints or oils to penetrate its surface.

Sunshield 2000 Multi~ceramic Insulation Coating
SUNSHIELD 2000 ~ LIQUID CERAMIC INSULATION COATING ~ is a NON DETERIORATING ( WATER PROOF ) RE17 INSULATION! ! ! SUNSHIELD 2000 ~ WALL \ ROOF \ CEILING \ FLOOR ELASTOMERIC COATING for ALL SURFACES. SUNSHIELD 2000 is an emulsion combining high performance acrylic resins in water. This special acrylic combination presents a high performance sealing acrylic that, when applied to porous substrates such as concrete or masonry surfaces, will fill and seal itself securely with the substrate. The other acrylic in the combination helps to toughen the sealing film to stop moisture penetration on walls and \ or roofing. This resin combination is designed to withstand ponding water on roofing, if so required. SUNSHIELD 2000 tenaciously adheres to metal, wood, fiberglass and all other substrates, as well. It contains no co-solvents and will dry by evaporation. SUNSHIELD 2000 will dry out completely in one week to a durable, very flexible, non-yellowing, water resistant coating that is ultraviolet stable. SUNSHIELD 2000 was designed to meet the needs of an exterior roof or wall coating that requires flexibility, yet has a need for some toughness. Able to withstand the structural stresses as well as thermal stresses experienced by temperature \ climate or seasonal swings. The heat repelling ability provided by SUNSHIELD 2000 was designed from the same ceramic package as SUPERTHERM for insulation effectiveness equal to 4-6 inches of batt insulation materials.

Hot Pipe Coating Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating
High Temp (1000F \ 538C) Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating. HOT PIPE COATING is a unique combination of high performance specialy designed high-temperature resins in a waterborne formula. HOT PIPE COATING was built to be used as the initial primer coating and high build coating applied over hot pipes or other high temperature surfaces to achieve immediate adhesion while calming down the hot surface. Using this coating as the primer and base coat, we can achieve adhesion over the hot surface and create a surface that is insulated to stop heat flow. It is waterborne to offer a nonflammable, non toxic formula for high heat situations.

Epoxotherm Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating
EPOXOTHERM - UNDER WATER AND WET SURFACE COATING is a NON DETERIORATING ( WATER PROOF ) RE19 INSULATION ! ! ! EPOXOTHERM is a tough adherent, two-component Epoxy coating, which produces a hard, yet flexible coating film. EPOXOTHERM will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent resistance when utilized in harsh atmospheres, and will also provide outstanding water and humidity resistance. EPOXOTHERM will adhere tenaciously to a variety of substrates, such as carbon steel ( phosphated or non-phosphated ), wood, and concrete. EPOXOTHERM is made with similar Multi ~ Ceramic compounding as SUPERTHERM for insulation effectiveness equal to 4-6 inches of batt insulation materials.

Lining - Kote 6000 Extreme Acid Exposure
LININGKOTE 6000 is a two component, pigmented Epoxy coating which will produce a tough, yet extremely flexible coating film. This epoxy product was built to withstand the toughest acid, chemical or solvent environments. LININGKOTE 6000 has outstanding adhesion, can withstand direct impact and is resistant to water, humidity and high heat. It is made with a high molecular weight base and cure for strength and durability. TYPICAL USES: * As a lining topcoat for acid tanks ( three coats required with 60 day cure time ) * As a lining topcoat for chemical tanks ( two coats required ) * As a lining topcoat for solvent tanks ( two coats required ) * As a lining topcoat for ballast tanks ( two coats required )