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E-Lumine Lighting & Energy Inc. is a Canadian Corporatin endeavoring to bring you the latest and most innovatinve energy efficient lighting technologies. By modifying your outdated existing lighting, we can reduce energy costs, replacement costs, heat generation, labour costs and increase workplace safety.

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Marc Drouin
Title: Vice-President of Operations
Telephone: (613) 279-1030
Fax: (613) 279-1031
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T8 Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

Metal Halide Lamps
Wide array of Metal Halide Lamps varying from 50Watts to 1000Watts.

High Pressure Sodium Lamps
Wide array of High-Pressure Sodium Lamps ranging from 50W to 1000Watts

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (cfls)
We offer a wide array of the latest compact fluorescent bulb. A-Shape, Candel-Shape, G-shape, Capsule, High Output, Modular, Spiral, Mini-Spiral, Ultra-Mini Spiral.

Plug-in Compact Fluorescent Lamp
We offer a wide array of affordable 4-Pin T4 Plug-ins, 2-Pin T4 Plug-in CFLs and 4-Pin T5 & T6 CFLs

Hand-held Led Crank Flashlight/Cellphone Charger
LED Crank Flashlight/Cell phone charger. No need of batteries, simply use the crank to charge your flashlight or your cell phone.

Led Lighting
We offer a wide array of LED lighting. Christmas lights, MR16, PAR lamps, strips, signs, lanscaping lights.

Floodlights / Spotlights
We offer a wide array of Floodlamps and Spotlights, both halogen and compact fluorescent.