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DGH Engineering Ltd.

DGH Engineering Ltd. is a supplier of engineering services to the
agriculture sector in Canada. Besides modern intensive swine
production facilities, DGH Engineering provides assistance to the
grain, potato, forage, vegetable and greenhouse sectors. DGH
Engineering also works with a broad range of livestock
commodities including beef, dairy, poultry, sheep, horse and
non-traditional livestock. DGH Engineering has experience and
engineering expertise in agricultural, commercial and
institutional research buildings. Services provided include
mechanical and mechanical control systems, structural design,
waste and waste water handling, pollution control and
construction supervision. Our engineers and support staff have
extensive experience with mechanical systems that includes:
forced air heating, hydronic heating, environmental control,
energy management strategies, heat recovery ventilators, waste
water drainage, water supply, and indoor air quality.

DGH Engineering employs a full time staff of twenty-one,
including six professional engineers, a professional Agrologist
and nine technical support staff. DGH Engineering has assembled
professional teams of up to fifty professionals for major
projects. Senior supporting specialists in land management,
entomology, hydrology, geology, environmental sciences, water and
waste water treatment have an ongoing working relationship with
DGH Engineering.

Environmental Profile

Principal fields of specialization: Livestock Buildings Crop Storage Facilities Ventilation Systems Heating Systems Waste Management, Handling and Treatment Environmental Impact Studies Climate Control Feeding and Water Supply Structural Steel Frames Foundation Systems Pre-cast Concrete Equipment Development and Testing Construction Management Manure Management Planning Operational Management

Typical projects:

Livestock Buildings - Complete building design including structural, ventilation, heating, plumbing and electrical layouts; Manure Storage Facilities - Including construction plans, environmental impact assessments, permit applications and certifications, and manure management planning; Construction Management - Including site supervision, co-ordination of trades, financial tracking, progress certification, and budget control; Operational Management - Recruit and train management staff and support to develop an effective production system; Animal Research Buildings - Provided design and project management services on facilities for the Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan., the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as well as the Agriculture Canada Research Stations in Brandon, Manitoba., and Lennoxville, Quebec; Crop Storage - Structural and mechanical designs for potato and vegetable storage facilities, greenhouses, grain and hay drying, and other related projects; Renovations, Refits and Troubleshooting - Work with clients to pinpoint weaknesses in facilities and management, and devise effective and economical solutions.

Geographic marketing priorities/strategy: DGH Engineering Ltd. is pleased to be part of production, planning and management teams and to deliver engineering and construction management services to clients on an international scale. Markets of interest include: Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United States of America.

Company Details

Year Established: 1989

Number of Employees: 21

Company Information

Dennis Hodgkinson
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (204) 334-8846
Fax: (204) 334-6965
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Betty-lynn Hodgkinson
Title: Partner/Associate
Telephone: (204) 334-8846
Fax: (204) 334-6965
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Environmental Products And Services

Negative Air Pressure Cover System.
With an ever expanding world population and increased encroachment by the population upon agricultural areas, community pressure continuously challenges livestock producers to control odours emanating from manure storage basins. Controlling odour is in fact a major challenge facing the expansion and sustainability of the livestock industry. In Canada, manure storage facilities account for approximately 30% of odour complaints related to livestock operations. There is a need for a cost-effective storage cover that will control odours from manure storage facilities. To address this problem, DGH Engineering Ltd. has developed an inexpensive plastic cover technology, patent pending, which uses negative air pressure for anchorage. The technology involves covering earthen storages and lagoons facilities with an inexpensive, lightweight plastic cover. The edge of the cover is sealed around the perimeter of the storage facility by the use of a unique anchorage system implementing negative air pressure. Negative air pressure is created by a system of perforated pipes that are located under the cover around the perimeter of the storage facility which is connected to suitable fans stationed outside the cover at proper spacing, providing a uniform negative air pressure under the cover. The technology has proven adequate to maintain a cover in place at winds in excess of 80 km/hr. The anchorage can be permanent or temporary to permit periodic removal of the cover to allow for the emptying of the storage facility. This cover technology has been successfully tested on and applied to manure storages under various field conditions. Its use has been found to reduce odours to almost non-detectable levels year round. The life expectancy of the cover system is expected to exceed 6 years with the use of an appropriate materials.


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