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Crossbow Electronics

Partial List of Customers under current support:

1995 to date John Eriksen & Associates Research Inc.
Thornhill, Ontario

AMIRI DIWAN, Kuwait city, Kuwait
Research & system integration of the Sief Palace Project:
Security computers / video communication system for protection
of the AMIR and Crown Prince, of Kuwait.
Includes integration of Government and Military C4I systems.

Reflex Digital, Belleville, Ontario
Research & system integration of a hybrid computer / video
communication system for use by law enforcement.

Crossbow Electronics Research Inc., Huntsville, Alabama (Sister
System engineering (research & development) of an alarm system
for protecting Military / Government installations.

Big Time Watch Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Designed a custom watch, which incorporated a Liquid Crystal
Analog display, generated an audio table for speech, and
developed unique algorithms for enhancing the display. The
product is only 25mm diagonal display and makes use of chip on
board electronics packaging.

E-Concepts Inc., Toronto, Ontario
System engineering of a cable TV system for use in apartments &
condominiums. Features include conventional cable TV plus
capability of electronically selecting & manipulating video
films on demand.

Celestica Inc., Toronto, Ontario
System engineering of a proprietary product which incorporated a
Multi-chip Module, and utilized Flip Chip technology, Surface
Mount Technology and Ball Grid Array technology.

Raker Manufacturing Ltd., Burlington, Ontario:
Responsible for design, development and manufacture of a
security and safety system for a robotic controlled Motion
Picture film production line.

1984 to 1995 Crossbow Electronics Inc.,
Richmond Hill,
Ontario, Canada
President - Principal Design Engineer

Designed and developed an extremely diverse set of technologies
within the areas of Telecommunication, Aerospace, Power
Controls, Bio-Medical, Military, Radar, Imaging, Broadcast,
Process Control & Packaging and Security systems.

Designed, developed, and prototyped a Radar Digital Signal
Processor/ Radar Scan Converter System, which was initially
designed for military-defense applications (air, marine, and
land) but also, has significant application on a commercial
basis for navigational purposes. The system incorporates the
capability to detect and track small targets in a high clutter

Designed, developed and prototyped a new form of connector for
coaxial cable which protects equipment against lightening
strikes, power surges and limits the current on the center

Indal Technologies Inc., Mississauga, Ontario
Designed, developed, prototyped an automated electronic vision
system for the RAST Mark III helicopter landing system.
The design was an IR based Electro-Optical system utilizing two
CID video sensors that were hard mounted on the deck of the
vessel. The system preformed image acquisition, electronic image
stabilization, autonomous target detection and tracking and
acquisition of the Helicopter to a resolution one inch (X,Y,Z
relative to the vessel's deck) at a range of over 300 meters
under adverse conditions (Sea state 5).
Was awarded a plaque for engineering excellence

Comstream Corporation, a division of Spar Aerospace, San Diego,
Project 1: Satellite Communication Terminal
Researched and developed a new compact Satellite Communication
system for use in 'Small to Medium' sized business. The system
was based on Time Domain Multiple Access (TDMA, Carrier Domain
Multiple Access (CDMA), Data / Protocol conversion of both Video
and Telco-lines/trunks, data compression, 'Band width on demand'
and 'Hot beam support' service for up to 4096 earth stations.
The system provided a 64 megabits up link and four 64 megabits
down links, all hopping between carriers on a packet by packet
dynamic burst plan.

Project 2: Satellite Telecommunication System
Designed, developed, and prototyped a new generation of
Satellite-based Wide Area Network for voice and modem data
communications. Over 120 systems have been installed in Peoples
Republic of China.

AC. International Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Designed, developed and prototyped a way of maintaining <1%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) on noisy loads. The device is
currently under Patent in the United States and patents have
been applied for in Europe, Japan and Canada.

Litton Systems Canada, Rexdale, Ontario
Responsible for the design, development of software and hardware
and system acceptance test of a special security system for a
Military base in a Middle East country.
Directed the activities of 20 SW Programmers and 15 HW Engineers.

Senior system engineer on the Brigade level Command Control
Communications and Intelligence (C3I) for the Air Defense and
Anti-Tank System (ADATS).

Designed, developed, prototyped a Tactical Display Management
System (TDMS) for Litton. Developed the first series of 'MIL'
VME 'Conduction' cooled Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs). The
system consisted of six processor boards, a high-resolution
multi-plane video processor and a custom Avionics Transport Rack
(ATR) enclosure (one ATR long).

Pratt & Whitney Canada, Longueuil, Quebec
Provided system engineering support, and assisted in
subcontractor bidding proposal evaluation and selection for
Pratt & Whitney's 'Generic Engine' control program. Duties
included system specification analysis, Supplier selection and
Manufacture site evaluation (Quality Assurance procedures (QA)),
custom component level research, EMI emissions & Lightening
protection analysis, and supplier facility evaluations.

AMP of Canada Ltd., Markham, Ontario
Researched, designed, developed, and prototyped a new form of
connector for coaxial cable. This connector protects equipment
against Lightening strikes, power surges and limits the current
on the center conductor.

Image Video Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario
Designed, developed, and prototyped a unique way to convert
broadcast quality audio analog signals to and from the Pulse
Code Modulation (PCM) format and storage/retrieval to and from
SCSI Disk drive subsystem.

Pentastar Electronics Inc., a Chrysler Company, Huntsville,
Performed a study contract that involved an analysis of problems
and solutions related to the Chrysler electric vehicle program.

US Patent # 5,621,627: AC to AC Power converter for the adaptive
correction of waveform abnormalities. Co-inventor.

Professional Memberships
Center for Research in Earth & Space & Technology CRESTECH
(formerly Institute of Space & Terrestrial Science ISTS)

Southern Coalition for Advanced Transportation (SCAT)

U.S. Canada Joint Military Certification. Cage Code 0H0J4

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA)
as Crossbow Electronics

Security Clearance:
Current active Canadian and U.S. (NATO) Personnel / Facility
Security clearance to ComSec Secret level.

Company Details

Year Established: 1998

Total Sales ($CDN): $200,000 - $500,000

Company Information

John Eriksen
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (905) 881-6330
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