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Combustion & Energy Systems Ltd.

We specialize in supplying products for combustion, heat
recovery and instruments that are custom designed to meet
individual requirements. This eliminates field problems and
guarantees customer acceptance and complete satisfaction. We
can also provide complete systems with guarantees including
installation and commissioning.

Combustion Equipment includes:

-Multi-Fuel, low N0x burners for boilers and process equipment,
-Flame safeguard systems and valve trains,
-Fuel handling systems,
-Biomass burners,
-Air heaters,
-Kiln burners.

Thermal Oxidizers include:

-Simple VOC's to complex hydrocarbon chains,
-Up to 8 streams with 20 components per stream,
-Multiple fuels,
-Recovery of hazardous components,
-Low NOx emissions.

Heat Recovery equipment includes:

-Gas to gas exchangers,
-Liquid to liquid exchangers,
-Gas to liquid exchangers,
-Waste heat boilers.

Controls & Instruments to include:

-Single loop digital controllers,
-Message and alarm displays,
-Data acquisition systems.

Some background on Combustion & Energy Systems ......Combustion
& Energy Systems have been serving industrial customers for 21
years in providing combustion systems and heat recovery

A variety of burners, boilers, kilns, and furnaces are available
with each burner being custom designed for that application.
Included with the burners are flame safeguard systems with
scanners, signal processors and P.L.C., based programmers.

Combustion control systems are also supplied to form a single
source responsibility. These can be for single point
positioning, parallel positioning or full metering systems.
Information can be displayed on a central D.C.S., for monitoring
and control.

Heat recovery encompasses gas to liquid or gas to gas
exchangers. These can be supplied for boiler economizer or to
heat a thermal fluid or glycol water from a waste gas stream.
Condensing economizers can also be supplied to capture latent
heat, thereby increasing the heat recovered.

A partial list of customers using our equipment are:-

Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Bombardier, Dow Chemical, Domtar
Papers, Dupont Canada,E.B. Eddy Forest Products, Ford Motor
Company, Foster Wheeler Ltd., General Motors, Imperial Oil,
Thomas J. Lipton Co., Magellan Aerospace, Redpath Sugars, Shell
Canada, 3M Canada.

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