Canhover Air Cushion Vehicles Inc.

Address: 3068 Sageview Rd
Westbank, BC V4T 2Y5

Mailling Address: 3068 Sageview Rd
Westbank, BC V4T 2Y5

Phone: (250) 448-4870

Toll Free: 1(800) 809-7380

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Canhover Air Cushion Vehicles Inc.

Canhover Air Cushion Vehicles Inc. (formerly Canwest Hovercraft Sales and Service Inc.) is the West Coast dealer and service depot for Vanair Hovercraft and is a distributor in Canada for Hovertechnics Hovercraft. Canhover ACVs Inc. also provides a parts and service depot for Canair Hovercraft.

Canhover ACVs Inc. is a member of the Hovercraft Club of Canada
and the Hoverclub of America.

The Canhover ACVs Inc. Training Institute is chartered by the
British Columbia Private Post Secondary Educational Commission
as a chartered Post Secondary Educational Institute. In addition, the Training Institute is recognized by Human Resources Development Canada. Canhover ACVs Inc. is devoted to providing the highest level of support possible to the light and medium utility/commercial hovercraft market.

Company Details

Year Established: 1995

Company Information

Lewis Adkins
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (250) 448-4870
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Hovercraft Operator Training Canhover ACVs Inc. provides operator and maintenance training on the Vanair Vanguard 18 medium commercial hovercraft, the Canair 500 Series of light utility hovercraft and the Hovertechnics recreational and utility/rescue hovercraft

Hovercraft Maintenance And Repair Canhover ACVs Inc. has extensive experience in repair of vacuum-bagged composite FRP structures used in light commercial hovercraft.