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North York, ON M2N 2Y7

Mailling Address: 4841 Yonge St.
SCPO 43130
North York, ON M2N 6N1

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An exporter of high quality Canadian products,
CANDEX Inc. markets Canadian products and
technologies through exclusive distribution agreements and/or
strategic alliances with Canadian manufacturers and
Individual product lines are promoted at major overseas trade
fairs, in showrooms, and through trade associations and
distribution networks.
In addition to regular export activities, our services include
market research, export management, sourcing, procurement,
shipping and documentation.
We provide reliable and competitive service.

CANDEX Inc. can help Canadian manufacturers to increase sales
and reach new markets.

CANDEX Inc. exhibited, participated or attended the following
overseas activities:
Exhibited at the trade fairs in the Czech Republic: MSV94,
Participated in the Canadian Trade Mission to BUDMA99 in
Poznan, Poland.
Attended the TEAM CANADA Business Missions to Poland in January
1999 and to Central Europe in September 2000.

CANDEX Inc. exports the following product lines:
Building products:
Roofing systems,
roofing products,
vinyl siding,
rain carrying systems,
concrete waterproofing systems,
foundation drainage membrane,
ceiling tiles,
interior panelwood,
interior doors,
exterior steel doors,
residential and commercial overhead garage doors,
garage door openers,
pre-engineered and prefabricated homes.
Electrical appliances:
air purification systems,
chest freezers,
instant water heaters.
Portable multipurpose batteries,
portable sawmills,
portable gutter machines.

Contact Information:
Telephone: 001-416-223-2028
Fax: 001-416-223-5707

CANDEX Inc. is a member of the following associations:
Ontario Building Products for Export Association,
Ontario Association of Trading Houses,
Canadian Munufacturers & Exporters,
North York Chamber of Commerce,
Canada-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce.


Company Details

Year Established: 1993

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 3

Company Information

Karl Urban
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (416) 223-2028
Fax: (416) 223-5707
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Chest Freezers

Instant Water Heater
Instant Water Heater is easy to install anywhere where instant flowing hot water is required. At home, it is perfect for sinks or showers - also well suited for campgrounds, recreational vehicles, boats, swimming pools, workshops or garages.

Booster Pac
Booster Pac is a portable and cordless 12 volt multipurpose power supply. It will start your car or power your cellular telephone, computer, radio, television, VCR, electric tools and other electrical appliances.

Portable Sawmill
Lumbermate is a full-size portable sawmill. Capacity up to 500 linear meters per day. Maximum log size is 75 cm in diameter and 5 meters long.

Portable Gutter Machine
Portable Gutter Machines are ideal to manufacture variable length gutters anywhere. Therefore, if you have a portable gutter machine installed on the truck, you are ready to manufacture aluminum, steel and copper gutters directly at the work site.

Humidifiers supplement the moisture content in your home or office during the winter months. The moisture is soothing to the throat and nasal passages and makes you more resistant to colds and other respiratory infections.

Dehumidifiers effectively remove excess humidity in the air to provide the right comfort level in your home or office during hot and humid weather. Dehumidifiers are also quite effective in basements, storage areas and swimming pools.

Roofing Products
Roofing Products including: 1.Shingles 2.Eave Protectors 3.Underlayment 4.Edge Treatment 5.Valley Treatment 6.Flashings 7.Ventilation 8.Plywood Deck 9. Roofing Cement

Organic Fibre Asphalt Shingles
Canadian shingle offers year-round roof protection against extreme weather conditions. Organic fibre asphalt shingles made in Canada are of superior quality. Organic fibre and fibreglass asphalt shingles are the most common roofing products in North America. Asphalt shingles are available in many shapes and even more colors.

Gutters - Rain Carrying Systems
Snap-Seal vinyl gutter system enables homeowners to retain a classic look while taking advantage of the latest gutter innovations. Aluminum and copper gutter systems also available.

Exterior Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is a practical, durable and economical product used in residential, commercial and industrial building projects. Available in many shapes and colors, vinyl siding increases the value of your house by improving architectural outlook and improving wall insulation at the same time.

Concrete Waterproofing
The waterproofing effect is provided by reaction of the various chemical components in the solution. The chemicals penetrate deep into the capillary tracts of the concrete by pressure of osmosis and become an integral part of the concrete.

Drainage Membrane
The foundation drainage membrane is a complete protection system for walls and floors in any type of construction. Drainage membrane is mainly used as below grade foundation protection with full backup provided by its drained air-gap.

Ceiling Tiles And Systems
Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are manufactured by a casting process that creates tile and panels with an attractive appearance. Special ceiling tiles offer high humidity resistance and superior acoustical performance.

Interior Panelwood
Interior Panelwood is a Mahogany plywood or Masonite based product. The prefinished plywood paneling has the look of real wood in a wide selection of attractive grains, such as cedar, oak, pine or birch. The Masonite paneling is a collection of specially designed decorator patterns with a subtle textured surface.

Interior Doors
Molded panel doors are more durable than wood its extremely tough door skins resist splitting, chipping and scratching. The embossed, simulated wood grain panels add a richness and splendor to any setting.

Exterior Steel Doors
Quality entrance doors are synonym with increased protection of your home. Steel doors not only increase your protection, but also add value and enhance the beauty of your home at the same time. Prefinished doors with frames are available in white acrylic finish or with a maintenance free PVC coating.

Overhead Garage Doors
The high performance aluminum door, produced according to the most advanced manufacturing process and produced in a range of sizes to fit virtually any opening. Available in a vast choice of colours, this rustproof aluminum door is a model of elegance and endurance.

Garage Door Openers
Opening and closing your garage door with just a push of a button is only one of the many advantages you enjoy with a garage door opener. You also get a garage door opener built to the highest standards by the worlds largest manufacturer of residential and commercial garage door openers.

Pre-engineered And Pre-fabricated Homes
Made of high quality cedar or pine, these traditional timber frame homes, log homes or classic homes are energy efficient, with plenty of space, yet very comfortable to live in they all have one quality in common: High quality Canadian style of living.

Frost Free Refrigerator
Energy efficient refrigerator feature a one-piece vacuum formed plastic food liner, can be paired with 17 cubic foot Upright Frost Free Freezer to create a side-by-side combination unit.