Blue Granite Air Inc.

Address: 132 Hampshire Close NW
Calgary, AB T3A 4Y1

Mailling Address: 132 Hampshire Close NW
Calgary, AB T3A 4Y1

Phone: (403) 208-1337

Fax: (403) 208-2937

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Blue Granite Air

Blue Granite Air is a HVAC mechanical equipment & system automation supplier. We use a coallition of Canadian manufacturers and specialty consultants to serve our clients. Our unique solutions focus on IAQ, health and occupant wellness while still providing the highest possible energy efficeincies for heating, ventilation and cooling. We offer hybrid integrated systems using sustainable energy sources to minimize GHG emissions. We supply unique air purification and air filtration equipment for residential and light commercial applications.

Company Details

Year Established: 2002

Total Sales ($CDN): $200,000 - $500,000

Number of Employees: 1

Company Information

John Beresford
Title: President
Telephone: (403) 208-1337
Fax: (403) 208-2937
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Complete Home System

Solar Panels
Solar Hot Water panels for residential, commercial or institutional heating. Custom made as stand alone or integrated building panels.

Boilers - Wood Pellets & Nut Shells
Boilers that use waste material as fuel to burn and produce hot water for heating or larger commercial, industrial hot water demands. Very environmentally friendly and saves money using low cost waste fuels.

Air Purifiers - Ultra Violet
Using new photocatalytic ultra violet light purifying technology our systems eliminate airbourne moulds, viruses, bacteria, germs and VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds). Available in portable or custom installed versions for larger buildings.

Air Filtration - Hepa & Ulpa
Our customized ventilation equipment will filter out airbourne contaminants and particulates down to the sub-micron range. Especially effective for releif of allergy & asthma symptoms.

Boilers - Natural Gas Or Propane
Condensing, high efficiency, variable rate outputs from 100k to 1M BTU/hr. Very small wall hung units are made from premium stainless steel for years of reliable service.

Hvac - Custom Equipment And Designs
Custom mechanical system equipment for heating, ventilation & cooling.

Energy Recovery Equipment
Industrial and commercial equipment & automation systems to recover waste energy to reduce operating costs.

Iaq - Monitoring And Automation
Improve the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in your building by automating your ventilation equipment to adjust flow rates to meet changing occupancy loads or contamination levels.

Urinals - Waterless
New technology uses NO water. Eliminates piping of water supplies and valves that conventional urinals require.