RAD Enterprises

Address: 117 Brainard St.
Barons, AB T0L 0G0

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 23
Barons, AB T0L 0G0

Phone: (403) 757-2140

Toll Free: 1(888) 252-6533

Fax: (403) 757-2135

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Website: http://www.blankees.com/


Baby-soft and warm these personalized baby blankets have baby's
names and birth information knit right into the pattern!
Blankees provide years of warmth and security for your loved
ones, touching their lives in a way so few gifts can.

Website awards can be seen at http://www.blankees.com/awards.htm

Company Details

Year Established: 1990

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Company Information

Dianne Norsworthy
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (403) 757-2140
Fax: (403) 757-2135
Email: Click Here


Blankees (tm) - Personalized Baby Blankets