Basics Office Products

Address: 209 Frobisher Dr
Waterloo, ON N2V 2G4

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 606
Waterloo Stn
Waterloo, ON N2J 4B9

Phone: (519) 886-1160

Toll Free: 1(800) 387-3411

Fax: (519) 886-0490

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Basics Office Products

Warehouse Site Location and Capacity
Office Products
With a corporate history dating back to 1952, Basics Office
Products has grown to be one of the leading providers of office
products in Canada. Basics Office Products in Waterloo, Ontario
has two central state of the art facilities. The main
distribution center and Head Office is located on Davenport Road
in Waterloo; all day to day office products requirements are
shipped from this facility.
In total between our divisions we have:
-120,000 sq. ft. (office/whse)
-38 Basics delivery trucks
-$3 1/2 Million inventory
-$54 Million in sales
-Celebrating 50 years of service experience

Our head office on Davenport Road (shown above) houses our
corporate flagship store as well as all operating departments,
warehouse for office products and distribution equipment.

Office Furniture
Our new Basics Furniture Design and Distribution Centre is
within a five-minute walk of our Head Office. It is located on
Frobisher Drive. Completion of the building was on May 1st
2001. This facility is devoted to contract commercial furniture
and the Design Community.
-23 Furniture Specialists
-5 Delivery and installation vehicles
-$500,000 inventory (approx)
-$14 million sales
This location of Basics Office Products is the largest showroom
of Canadian manufactured product in Southern and Central
Ontario. We designed it to be a natural fit to complement our
design and specification services.
All furniture shown in our annual catalogue is stocked in this
warehouse. The warehouse is over 50,000 sq. feet. Any commodity
furniture items, like filing cabinets and chairs, requisitioned
by users are picked much like an office products item and cross-
docked at the Davenport warehouse. The items are matched to the
office products delivery route for the specific location
of CUSTOMER NAME and delivered next business day with the
office supplies!

Office Equipment
Basics Document Systems in Waterloo is our third division
selling and servicing quality office equipment.
-13 Digital Specialists
-7 Service vehicles
-1 Connectivity Specialist
-1 Colour Specialist
-Stock all parts and equipment
-Full line Demo Product

All sales and internal repair of quality copier and fax machines
are done through this division. Basics Office Products has full
inventory of all lines of Konica and Toshiba fax and copiers.

There are several areas, which separate us from our competition
that are beneficial to you;
1.We are an independent, 100% Canadian owned and operated
organization. Our entire management team as well as our
President work every day at the customer level. Our intense
focus on our customers means that your users will have prompt
and immediate service not commonly found in todays market.
2.Our Company is owned by a group of individuals that have
an intense interest in the regions that we serve. All profits
and economic benefits from our success stay in our communities.
3.It takes a different skill set and personality to work
within an independent dealer structure. When all else is equal
our people make the difference. Each employee is dedicated to
looking after our customers and striving for higher quality by a
commitment to our mission statementK Basics Office Products
will be the Canadian leader in customer satisfaction by
providing quality products and responsive services through the
empowerment of its employeesK
4.Our fill-rate. Our current fill-rate year to date is
98.7%. We backorder on average .01031% of our stock items at
any given time. Average delivery time of our backorders does
not exceed five working days unless advised. These facts are
industry-leading advantages to Stelco. It means more satisfied
users and lower operational costs when handling our shipments.
5.Basics Office Products has a documented and recognized
quality system based upon ISO 9002 standards. As discussed
earlier, our quality system is geared towards quality
improvement and leading benchmark standards. The users at
Stelco will immediately see a difference between us and our
competition through our careful and planned attention to
detail. They will immediately be given the opportunity to
provide feedback as to the level of service being experienced.

Basics has been honored with the Clarica Vendor Quality Award
for three years in a row proves our competitive advantage.

Basics Office Products Ltd: A Canadian National Buying Group
Office Basics is a founding partner in Basics Office Products, a
major buying and marketing consortium, allowing us to provide
our personal service with international buying power.

Basics Office Products
-32 Dealers Coast to Coast
-$450 million in Purchasing Power
-Canadian Owned and Operated
-Consistent Quality and Value
At the regional level, efficiencies gained, are and will be
done, through technology enhancements, product focus, and a
commitment to continuous improvement practices, such as ISO 9000
quality systems, enabling a reduction in operating costs.

Company Details

Year Established: 1952

Total Sales ($CDN): $50,000,000 +

Number of Employees: 201

Company Information

Ray Culver
Title: Manager
Telephone: (519) 886-1160
Fax: (519) 886-0490

Darrin Snider
Title: VP of furniture
Telephone: (519) 886-1160
Fax: (519) 886-0490
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